Emotional Healing, can i do it myself?  Yes, you cAN!

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Learning to accept all our personality aspects both light and dark, "appealing" and not, heals and restores us!
When we embrace who we are without self-judgement, ridicule or shame, we grow beyond surviving, to Thriving.

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You Can Grow Your Self-Esteem!

Welcome! It's likely you've landed here because you're seeking answers and clarity. Since the inception of this site in 2004, I'm happy to say that it has evolved into a gigantic self-help resource, and my greatest hope is that you'll benefit from discovering it. You'll encounter exceptionally unique and helpful information here, and gain brand new insights about living and loving that will likely surpass what you've been exposed to within other venues.

The root cause of all human dysfunction is poor self-worth, and you can repair this for yourself. As you're browsing through my articles, you'll notice special interest pieces that express my personal views and opinions about various clinical issues like anxiety and addiction, as well as Q&A forums and videos about Codependency and Borderline Personality Disorder, for those of you trying to recover from a painful relationship with someone who may have BPD traits.

I'm hoping you will relate to my online materials, and find them easy to ingest and integrate, because intellectual understanding is the precursor to emotional knowing~ and once you know something emotionally, you can't forget it or unknow it. This 'knowing' is retained on a cellular level in your body. It cannot be diluted or diminished by any challenges you might face in life, so self-doubt inevitably mitigates.

I've always been a seeker of truth, and perhaps you are, too. For many years, my writings have revealed what I've discovered to be true about life and love. Maybe you'll feel some resonance with my articles while you're reading, and find they're true for you, as well. 

My Self-Healing tutorial, "Overcoming Anxiety and Panic" is nothing short of life-altering. We don't want to merely eliminate your anxiety symptoms~ we want to get you healthy, because emotionally whole, well-balanced people do not suffer from panic attacks or anxiety episodes!  Take a few minutes and explore the course (below) to see if it might be a good fit for you. Meanwhile, I truly wish you everything you wish for yourself, and thanks for visiting!

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We're born with the need to be loved, and we never outgrow it.


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