Emotional Healing, can i do it myself?  Yes, you cAN!

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Learn to accept all your facets both light and dark, 'appealing' and not, to start healing. Embrace WHO you are without
self-judgement, ridicule or shame~ and
grow beyond surviving, to Thriving!

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You Can Grow Your Self-Esteem!

Welcome! Since the inception of this site in 2004, it's become an exceptional self-help resource. If you're seeking answers and clarity, you'll find unique information and stellar insights about living and loving, that far surpass what you've been exposed to within other venues.

The root cause of human pain and dysfunction, is poor self-worth. With a bit of guidance, you can repair this issue! As you browse my articles, you'll see 'special interest' topics that express my views on various clinical issues, like anxiety and addiction, as well as Q&A forums and videos about Borderline Personality Disorder and Codependency.

I hope you'll find my materials easy to absorb and integrate, because intellectual understanding precedes emotional knowing~ and once you know something emotionally, you can't forget it or un-know it. This emotional knowing or wisdom as it's often called, is stored in your cellular body. It cannot be diminished by any setbacks you might face in life, so self-doubt inevitably vanishes.

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We're born with the need to be loved, and we never outgrow it.


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