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about shari schreiber

This website is dedicated to your empowerment, expansion and success. I am at heart, an educator and convention defier. All my writings are candid, straightforward and controversial. They're designed to help you surmount any setbacks you may be facing. My GettinBetter Courses are intended to ease your pain and enhance your daily existence. 

The unique perspectives and concepts you'll find here, are solely my own. They are not to be construed as being congruent with nor reflective of those held by the psychotherapeutic community, nor any other group of professionals who offer "psychological" counseling.

My self-help articles offer stellar insights, but my consulting work regards mental analysis of your suffering a waste of time and precious resources! My unconventional approach has transformed clients' lives by teaching them how to heal and grow themselves! Each highly specific, yet simplistic tool (many of which are offered in my YouTube videos) can eliminate obstacles that inhibit success, contentment and happiness.

My book, DO YOU LOVE TO BE NEEDED, OR NEED TO BE LOVED? was written for psychotherapists. It probes the narcissistic aspects of Codependency from its inception onward. Infancy neglect spawns our compulsion to always put the feelings and needs of others ahead of our own. This addictive reflex blocks us from forging nourishing, healthy, reciprocal attachment bonds. Order the softcover version on Amazon, or read it on Kindle.

I returned to school at forty-one, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Behavior Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psych. I completed a six-year private practice Marriage and Family Therapy internship, and took both my state board exams. I surrendered my application for MFT licensure after a serious accident and accompanying injuries in 2007 made it impossible to retake my second test. This incident altered my career course~ but I remained passionate about helping people rebuild and restore themselves. Thus, I began teaching clients powerful self-worth building tools I'd invented for myself in my late-twenties. 

I have not worked as a state licensed clinician. Psychotherapy can be too lengthy a process, so I developed novel methods that can resolve your pain far more quickly.

I attribute my healing abilities to acute intuition, courage and tenacity to surmount numerous challenges, and my unrelenting commitment to personal growth, emotional vibrancy and overall wellness. My formal schooling (regrettably) did not contribute to nor enhance these gains.

Thousands have stated that my articles on Borderline Personality Disorder are the most insightful, comprehensive insights they've ever read on the topic of BPD. If you're trying to recover from a toxic bond and you closely relate to my materials, it's thanks to the many who've bravely shared their painful stories with me. You'll be reading transcriptions of all those verbal accounts in my articles, and I hope they'll bring you clarity and relief. 

My BPD Survivor Membership gives you unlimited, lifetime access to my Borderline Personality Disorder articles, for which this site has earned worldwide acclaim. Signing up is easy, on each BPD article page. [This could be the best ten bucks you've ever spent!] 

**This website is not intended as a support resource for people struggling with BPD. If you think you have traits of this disorder, please redirect yourself to alternative web content that may more closely reflect your personal views, beliefs or biases.

The following links direct you to articles on subjects that might be of special interest to you: Anxiety/Panic Disorders - Sex Addiction - Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) - Weight Loss - Passive-Aggression - Sexual Difficulties - Mid-life Struggles - Codependency and numerous other relationship issues.

Letters I received for several decades are responded to in my Q&A forums, but I'm no longer replying to readers' email requests for guidance. My apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause you.

My YouTube videos offer life-altering tools and powerful strategies that can help you better navigate your daily life, and start to genuinely heal. My daily Facebook, Substack and Sovren posts offer unique, groundbreaking insights that encourage your emotional growth. 

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It cannot receive nor send text messages. 

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