Governmental overreach essentially means throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Just as drug addicts will always find ways to get their next fix, criminals will always find ways to get GUNS.

Enforcing gun control on law-abiding citizens does absolutely nothing to prevent crime and death by bullets. Put a kitchen knife into the hands of a sane, rational and emotionally healthy person, and they use it to chop or cut food for meal preparation. Allow an unstable, mentally unsound teen or adult to possess one, and vicious stabbing rampages may maim or kill their family members or others they’ve determined deserve their rage.

Guns do NOT kill people any more than kitchen knives do~ unless they’re allowed to be in the hands of humans with no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, and no impulse control. Anyone who believes differently, has the IQ of a moron.

We’ve all at one time or another felt an emotion that’s at least close to murderous rage. What stops us from acting-out our intense anger by physically harming another?? Humanity combined with SANITY. Was Charles Manson a SANE individual? Obviously not~ which allowed him to brainwash his little tribe of losers into believing the slaughter of a household full of innocent people was a righteous thing to do.

The personality disordered and others who live with episodes of psychosis, are typically prone to cognitive distortion. They’ll IMAGINE you’ve slighted them when you haven’t, and they’re determined to vengefully bring harm to you for “crimes” you haven’t committed. Have you ever tried to walk away from a relationship with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder? It’s not what you could ever consider to be a “clean break.”

When a person is incarcerated, anything they walk in with that can cause harm them to themselves or anyone else, is taken away~ even if it’s only their shoelaces or a piece of jewelry they can use to cut thru skin! Shoelaces can’t choke someone to death, but someone intent to harm or kill themselves or another, will find a way to weaponize ’em!

Gun control is NOT the answer to reducing crime in the streets. Cracking down on OPPORTUNITY for crime is the ONLY real defense there is, against murders being committed by people who have no business living free, and mingling with the rest of society.

I’ve always lived by Newton’s Law: If it CAN happen, it WILL happen. Lawmakers MUST begin thinking about public safety in preventative ways by ANTICIPATING what ‘might’ happen to put children at risk, rather than trying to fix what’s long been broken.

We’ve all been cautioned to “drive defensively.” Defensive driving, is assuming that everyone else on the road has no sense of traffic laws, or is too distracted by the fight they’re having with their lover, to pay attention to what’s happening around them.

If you break the law by texting while driving, you get punished. This is called a “preventative measure” instituted solely to save lives. Why the fuck can’t we seem to approach other arenas of public safety and well-being with the same kind of scrutiny and awareness?!

This mindset of course, is only possible if people in office have enough emotional and moral development to understand what can happen when UNSTABLE humans of ANY age, are able to purchase weapons of destruction~ or find them along with live ammunition, in their stupid daddy’s closet or shed.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is NEVER a solution to avert another senseless tragedy. Putting safeguards in place with vigorously trained and armed guards where innocent kids and adults may be at risk for harm (like public libraries, schools, churches, and the like) is the ONLY way to vanquish more heinous crimes committed by deeply damaged people who are so filled with unbridled rage, they’re driven and determined to make the rest of us pay for their misery.

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