Millions of people live rewarding, happy, gratifying lives as single entities. The primary ingredient to being able to do this, is fully accepting and liking yourself.

If you routinely guilt, shame and criticize yourself, it sets you up for NEEDING someone in your life to distract you from self-abuse. Problem is, you'll hook up with people who view you as negatively as you see yourself.

Until you can commit to growing a nourishing, friendly, supportive relationship bond with YOU, you have no business trying to establish one with another.

1) You'll settle for a lot less than you deserve.

2) Their abuse won't even come close to Yours toward you.

3) Your poor self-worth will have you remaining with someone who doesn't meet your emotional needs.

4) You'll be too scared to leave, because you believe you can't do any better, and you're scared to be alone with You.

Bottom line, you'll never find the love you NEED, until you can learn to genuinely like and respect yourself. The little girl or boy inside you, still believes you deserve abuse. This has to be fixed.

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