It's human nature to seek DIY solutions to all kinds of problems. In the realm of anxieties or any type of emotional obstacle (like being afraid to feel too good or happy), it's best not to let that issue continue untreated.

We tell ourselves, "if I just ignore this or avoid the stressor that is stopping me from experiencing success or glee in this lifetime, I'm gonna be fine!" And you WILL be~ except that you'll keep encountering the same setbacks and challenges you always have, which periodically creep up and bite you on the ass.

If on a deep level, you're afraid of loving, you'll keep pushing it away from you. Your relationships can never work out, because your fear of bonding is always at your baseline, and it determines the outcome of all your interactions.

If you're afraid of $uccess, you probably haven't any idea of why this exists for you. It's not rational. It doesn't make sense. It stands in the way of you being free of financial constraints and worry, each time an unexpected setback occurs in your life that threatens to significantly lower the balance in your checking account.

These conditions (to name just a couple) have you going thru life looking over your shoulder in a sense, because you constantly have to hide income you make from the government, be hypervigilant about all your spending, and you're basically living a miserly existence.

A miserly life is one in which you deny yourself pleasure. You give yourself very little, and accept little from others. It doesn't occur to you to alter this condition, because it's all you've ever known, so an attitude of withholding from yourself feels "normal."

As long as there's a roof over your head and a few bucks in the bank, you can make do~ and content yourself with the knowledge that for you, life is Good (at least, in contrast to certain others, who are much worse off).

Attitudes about money and wealth are implanted very early in our childhood. Kids are little sponges. They absorb and mimic everything they see their parents say and do. If you fear success or wealth, you were repeatedly programmed to feel this way about it, as a very young child, sometimes in subtle ways you wouldn't even think have contributed to your present condition!

THIS PROGRAMMING CAN BE DISMANTLED, so that you can begin WELCOMING the kind of life that yields far more abundance and joy~ but we must first help you recognize how your fears about money and success got implanted, and ALTER that deeply-entrenched childhood programming that keeps you struggling, just to survive.

Surviving and Thriving are two very different and separate energies. Their vibrations are quite dissimilar. IF you've gone thru this life just trying to survive (and I can relate), you won't even consider the alternative! THIS is where you're comfortable. THIS is what you accept as "Normal." THIS is where you're content to remain, no matter what your Conscious Mind says about that.

How we do Anything, is how we do Everything. If we settle for a low paying job, we also settle for low satisfaction-yielding relationships. These conditions exist SOLELY due to poor self-worth, and not feeling deserving of MORE from life.

It may seem to you like dismantling these core issues is an intricate, complicated task. The truth is, while this is usually true in terms of teaching you what NOT to want (like struggle and chaos), turning this shit around is not all that difficult, with the right kind of mentoring.

Rats in a laboratory maze of can't SEE where the cheese is awaiting them. They lack the perspective or VIEW they need to have awareness of how to find it. SO DO YOU. If the rat could look down on the maze and recognize WHICH tunnels contain cheese at the end, he wouldn't keep trying different paths to reach it until the scent of that food brought him to the right ones, that yielded nourishment.

Lab rats ARE however, smarter than humans! When a rat goes down a tunnel in his maze that yields no cheese, he NEVER goes back to that same tunnel in search of it! The reason for this, is he's not been psychologically programmed to undermine himself since birth.

Wouldn't it be grand, if YOU could learn what works better for ya, and what doesn't~ and quit looking for glee and contentment in all the wrong places??

You CAN. Ya merely have to consider whether you're ready to receive more of what you think you WANT, or not~ 'cause we all need a little help here and there to reach our goals. 323 936-3637 24/7, VM only~ no texting.

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