NONE of my friends or clients who have not been vaccinated, have gotten sick with any form of Corona Virus, whereas nearly all the people I personally know, who HAVE received the "life saving vaccine" have contracted the virus~ and some, have gotten seriously ill from it.

I have always listened to and trust my gut. I also believe any decision that's motivated by FEAR is impulsive, and will likely be one you'll end up regretting.

Many years ago, a colleague and friend asked me how I felt about the bird (or Avian) flu. I told her I never think about it. It just doesn't show up on my radar or occupy any room in my head. She was shocked. "How can you not be afraid?!" she asked.

I've always had a strong physical and emotional constitution, and my immune system has functioned excellently. I have never in my life, contracted a flu virus, even when I worked with many in my environment who got sick. I've had bad colds (mostly from consuming too much dairy), but NEVER a flu~ and I'm not about to start worrying about getting one now.

What you give your attention to and fear, is what you create and manifest for yourself. It's just plain ol' Metaphysical Law. If you think for instance, that a new relationship won't work out because you've been programmed to believe it won't, you'll orchestrate your behaviors in such a way that you get to be RIGHT about that~ it's called, Prophesy Fulfillment.

What you see, think of, imagine and fear, is what you create. Most of the time, you're merely wanting to save yourself from disappointment, if things don't work out well enough~ but hard as it is to accept, experiencing a little disappointment is FAR better and less painful, than living your entire life as a pessimist.

Think about it, my dears.

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