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Shari Schreiber has gained worldwide recognition for her writings on the subject of Borderline Personality Disorder. Her articles are highly regarded by members of the psychiatric community, and laymen alike. Shari has helped many people outgrow  this disorder, and has assisted thousands attempting to recover from the toxic consequences of having fallen in love with someone who has BPD traits.

The most painful part of these types of relationships, is the incessant, haunting confusion you experience over your lover’s abrupt departure. They acted like they adored you yesterday~ and today they’re gone! Let’s help you sort thru this agonizing confusion you're feeling, and start to rebalance yourself.

A huge part of your pain involves trying to replay every moment of that relationship in your head to reassure yourself you didn’t cause this horrible ache you’re feeling inside right now.  I can absolutely guarantee that you didn't~ but you won't believe me until you read literature that describes your entire relationship experience as if I'd been a fly on the wall, watching it unfold.

I want to help you step off this dizzying mental merry-go-round, learn about what really  happened to you, and why no positive outcome was possible with this individual you had come to believe would love you “forever.”  It's difficult to let go of a fantasy, but you'll soon be learning that "happily ever after" is impossible for anyone coupled with a partner who has Borderline Personality Disorder traits.  

Dozens of men and women have written, thanking me for my "life-saving" articles.  Before landing on my BPD materials, some have admitted to feeling such deep despair, they'd seriously contemplated suicide.  Absolutely nobody is worth killing yourself over~ but a Borderline leaves you feeling such torment and shame, the pain is so intense you might just be tempted to end it all. Please don't. I believe my writings will be extremely instrumental in helping you reconstitute yourself, and find the inner-peace and comfort you're craving. 

A one-time  charge of only $9.99 is all you will ever pay for this incredible, life-saving body of knowledge!  Why have I set the cost so low for full access to these materials?  Because I'm wanting to make real recovery not just accessible, but affordable  for every single person on this planet who is struggling with the kind of anguish You're in, right now! 

You won’t just come to understand your BPD ex-partner thru reading more than twenty of these comprehensively educational and remarkably insightful articles, you will begin to acquire an intimate understanding of yourself, and why you’ve been attracted to this type of individual. This level of knowledge is crucial, in context of helping you heal and rebuild yourself.

Self-discovery is a powerful life tool. We cannot grow or heal without it. These materials can help you regroup,  start to redirect your course, and avert having to ever  feel this kind of pain again in the future! This is my greatest and most sincere wish for you.   Shari Schreiber, M.A.

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I’m a board-certified psychiatrist with over 20 years in practice. These articles on relationships with borderline disordered people are very insightful~ but more importantly, they're searingly clinically accurate! Congratulations on such terrific work. I plan to use these in my work with patients!

Dear Ms. Schreiber, I am writing to You just to say THANK YOU. I've been reading your articles on your site recently and it helped me a lot after my breakup with my BPD fiancé. I've been in therapy for a while and of course we realized already that I have serious injuries from my boyhood, but now I have a much clearer picture on why I miss her so much and what can be the root cause. I wish you all the best and again thank you very much for your articles. D.B.

Just found your site. I am a therapist on an inpatient unit. Your information is fantastic! I can't wait to read more. Thank you for all of your hard work!

As an experienced psychologist, I thought I knew how to have a healthy relationship, and what to avoid in a partner. Your Borderline Male article has abruptly awakened me to why I've felt so awful in my recent relationship, and why I'm in such pain right now. I grew up needing to be needed of course, and your article on that has opened my eyes. I'll be calling you!

Shari - THANK YOU for your writings.  All of your pieces are eye-opening. And that's coming from someone already on his seventh (and by my own choice final) discard cycle. I've read a veritable Library of Congress on relationship dynamics, BPD, NPD, etc, etc, etc. The piece that reveals how it felt for me to go through the first discard cycle was nothing short of cathartic!! Your warning at the end of that article: "Even if your Borderline has nagged or pressured you for years to cohabit or marry him/her and it's been totally their idea, you're in for trouble the moment  you give in to their stated wishes or demands. There are no exceptions"  made me laugh myself to tears! This most recent discard was triggered when I relocated with my three kids. The thing that makes it so particularly funny is that discards 4 through 6 were tied to the fact that my attempts to move into the city weren't going fast enough! I appreciate greatly the feeling that I'm not alone, I get from your writings. Friends and family express sympathy. You express empathy. That warmth helps me. Thanks for sharing your writings online. They're unique in a sea of diagnoses and debates about BPD.  You get to the heart of the matter. You make me feel normal. Sincerely and with many Thanks, Michael R.

A SAMPLING of articles to which you'll BE gainING access 

  • HAVEN'T WE MET BEFORE? : The Borderline/Narcissist Couple
  • LOVING A BORDERLINE:  Inside the BPD Odyssey
  • AT ANY COST:  Saving Your Life After Loving A Borderline
  • BLACKMAILED INTO FATHERHOOD:  Borderline women, and men who love them.
  • THE MALE BORDERLINE:  Surviving the Crash after your Crush
    Understanding the Borderline Personality
    There must be 50 Ways to leave your Lover.
  • SHELL-SHOCKED!   Clearing the Fallout from a Borderline Break-up
    The Borderline and You
  • SALT TO THE WOUND:   Moving Beyond Your Borderline Break-up


It can be difficult to even consider leaving a relationship that has endured for some time, yet felt tormenting and painful~ which is why far too many remain with a partner who’s not a good fit for them. Ending a long-term marriage can bring up a litany of practical concerns beyond what it could feel like, to be single again. For one, we find ourselves having to consider financial repercussions that may lie ahead, which heightens our current sense of overwhelm!

There are many reasons why we have a hard time leaving someone, and one of them is having emotionally invested in wishful thinking. Hope tends to “spring eternal” when we couple with someone. We envision "Happily Ever After" and believe when we marry, we’ll be with our beloved until death do us part. We enter into this commitment thinking we’ll be able to fix whatever conflict arises between us, but this is rarely true if we’ve married someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder features.

The primary reason we can’t tear ourselves away from our spouse even when we feel miserable, is we were once very much in love with him or her, and it’s hard to surrender the fantasy that they’ll somehow love us again and it’ll all work out fine. It could also feel a little scary to contemplate going back to being uncoupled and alone.

Many factors can add to your ambivalence about leaving a spouse, but if you think your sanity and physical health may depend on you getting away from this person, there’s finally help and hope for you! It’s totally understandable, you’re feeling emotionally upside-down right now, and the last  thing you wanna think about is piling on more stress by having to deal with the practical concerns of dissolving a marriage. This is where I come in.

After decades of helping men and women leave toxic relationships, I’m well acquainted with what goes on in your mind and heart concerning a tough choice like this. I’m aware of how paralyzing it can feel to even think about what may lie ahead, and how strangely hard it is to find the courage to separate yourself from a person who beats you down almost daily.  So, if you think you’re wanting to pull out of this mess, I can make the process easier for you. I’ll advise you on how to begin extracting yourself from a relationship that hasn’t met your needs for a very long time, and protecting yourself in the process.

When you feel ready, I can help you find a local attorney who’ll be in your corner and have your back during a divorce proceeding, should you choose to move forward with the dissolution of this marriage. I will be vetting solid legal professionals who’ll fight for you and  your custody rights if you have children, so that leaving  this toxic marriage doesn't have to mean leaving your kids!

In short, while your world feels like it’s in shambles, you won’t have to stress about the practical concerns of restoring your balance and building the kind of life both you and your children so very much deserve. This is a very unique and affordable referral service, and I’m hoping you’ll allow me to assist you.

Shari Schreiber  323 936-3637  (Voicemail only please, no text messages.)

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