Regarding Gavin Nuisance finishing out his term, I think this is a clear-cut case of, The Devil You Know. Either that, or Californians are too fucking stoned or lazy to vote.

Back when I was in the beauty biz, clients would tell me they'd referred a friend who'd been unhappy with her hairstylist for many years. You wouldn't think someone would STAY beyond their dissatisfaction with how bad their image appeared, but masochists are born every day.

These clients said their gal pal always bitched about the bad haircut she got, but was too scared to make a change (does this ring a bell with anyone in reference to remaining in a toxic or undersatisfying relationship??).

"The devil you know" is all about sticking with what feels familiar, even though it makes ya miserable. Trying out a new stylist isn't near as predictable as accepting the BAD outcomes you're used to accommodating, and predictability seems a lot more comfortable for a lotta folks to cling to, than the unknown.

Do normal, emotionally healthy humans operate this way? NO!!! If something or someone routinely displeases 'em, they LEAVE that shit show~ they DON'T stick around to bitch and whine about it.

IF you have "friends" who do this crap, you're better off without em. They're fucked-up people, and who'll always bring your vibration down, and make 'Happiness' unattainable for you! How can The Universe send you anything GOOD, if your craving for the company of miserable people is unquenchable??

News flash: IT CAN'T. Did I ever hear from all those "friends" who were referred to my artistry and expertise? Hell no~ and I knew I wouldn't. WHY??

Because just like emotionally retarded folks who've let Gavin Newsom continue to govern this once-fine state of California, he's merely the Devil they know. They're too scared to make a change in favor of someone FAR better equipped to return this state to its former glory, rather than continuing to run it into the ground.

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s population fell by more than 182,000 last year, the first yearly loss ever recorded for the nation’s most populous state that halted a growth streak dating to its founding in 1850 on the heels of a gold rush that prompted a flood of people to seek their fortune in the West.

In recent years, more people have left California for other states than have moved there, a trend Republicans say is a result of the state's high taxes and progressive politics. The average sale price of a single-family home in California hit a record $758,990 in March, a 23.9 percent increase from a year ago.

But the Newsom administration says California's population decline is an outlier, blaming it on the coronavirus pandemic that turned everything upside down in 2020." What a simpering, ineffectual fuck.

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