One's intellectual property is sacred. If you're a writer or you've put forth a body of work that springs from your original thoughts or talents and someone disrespects this and copies your work, copyright infringement laws are in place to deal with what can only be regarded as theft of one's intellectual property. If YOU tamper with someone's intellectual property, you are committing a crime, and your actions are punishable by law.

Emotional integration is a marvelous phenomenon that helps us develop and evolve. You may read or hear something that so greatly resonates with what feels true and real inside you, and over time and with enough emotional integration of that intellectual material, it embeds itself and converts to emotional knowing, to where you might come to mistake this stuff as having originated from within You. That's okay~ but if you're gonna publish it in any way, you could be in deep doodoo, if the originator of that creative material or method decides to sue ya for copyright infringement.

Here's a helpful hint: If it's already in a book or on the web before you decide to dabble with it, it's automatically covered by copyright statutes. See if you can come up with some original thoughts or ideas of your own, and regardless of all the research you've done into other's people's works, leave it the fuck alone~ UNLESS you wanna incur their wrath and some legal action you never even considered could come your way.

Over the nearly 30 years I worked to help my clients integrate brand new concepts and perspectives well beyond the ones that kept them circling the drain, my initial hope was merely to try and make sense to them intellectually. IF/when they could mentally grasp these brand new ways of looking at life and love, that material might eventually become integrated on a cellular level in their body.

Once something is emotionally integrated, you cannot forget it (like all the shit you had to learn in school to pass your stupid classes) or UN-KNOW it. It's indelible. It's solid. Nothing and nobody can take it away from you!

Sadly, I recently became aware of someone on Facebook who appears to be "borrowing" from my materials. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery~ but when someone is using your exact words and phrases, after you've spent tens of thousands of hours writing, reviewing and editing your own written materials to the extent you can recite em in your sleep, this type of betrayal by someone is acutely obvious to ya. Ignoring it isn't an option, because that would constitute Self-betrayal, and I think ya KNOW me better by now, than to think I'd go there, don't ya??

Let me help you understand better, what it feels like when someone uses Your intellectual property for their own gain: As a writer, artist or creator of ANY kind, when you produce something that comes directly from your heart, soul and mind, you've given birth to it. Any and all work that follows on that project that's spent enhancing it, nurtures and grows that baby that YOU have birthed.

When someone comes along and steals even a small part of your creation, it FEELS as though they've abducted your child! I don't think they could ever relate to this very troubling set of emotions (due to a general lack of emotional and moral development), until they have it happen to them one day... and ya gotta know, the Karmic Boomerang ALWAYS flies back around, and lops your fucking head off.

I have sent a warning shot over the bow of this person's ship, even though she's denied any wrongdoing. When you tread on me, cross me in ANY way, or disregard the laws of common human decency, I'm gonna come after ya. HARD.

You've seen me mention in my BPD articles that Borderlines are copycats, mimics and plagiarists. They LOVE to parrot what they've read or heard. It's just what they do, to feel more knowledgeable, bright, important, confident, etc., than they actually are! Therapists and coaches with BPD traits have a particular penchant for parroting or mimicking what they've learned, as it helps 'em feel superior to you. Problem is, none of what they espouse springs from ORIGINAL thought, due to the fact they're essentially children in adult bodies. They've read or heard it elsewhere, and they're just playing it back to ya, like a little recording device.

If you've read AT ANY COST, Saving your Life After Loving a Borderline, you've seen the section at the bottom of that piece that very publicly humiliates the owner, "Skippy" of a particular "support" website for people involved with Borderlines. It's NOT support that's offered, incidentally~ for if you disagree with Skippy or you cite material that makes more sense to you than HIS does, he suspends your blog capabilities on his site. This dude literally copied (verbatim) parts of my article, and published it to his website. Nobody but an underdeveloped, personality disordered person behaves in these unscrupulous ways!

Oh, and just as a reminder, my dear friends, if one is short on emotional development, one also lacks moral development. The two go hand in hand, and it's impossible to have the latter, without the former.

I'm a very giving, supportive, caring, generous soul. I'll do everything in my power to advance your dreams, wishes and goals if I believe in you~ but most people have NO fucking idea who they're dealing with, when my darker nature gets engaged. It's a certifiable fact, that anyone who's ever crossed me, has generated payback for themselves, IN SPADES.

I could relate stories about what happened to those people, that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. I never lifted a finger against 'em, incidentally... I never had to.

The truth is, since the very onset of my website's launch, I'd see visits from various universities perusing my written work, to make certain their students were not plagiarizing my materials! I've also been exceedingly fortunate, in that so many people have greatly benefitted from reading and utilizing my materials, they've retained a special reverence for, and loyalty to me.

For years now, it's not been unusual to hear from a total stranger that they've recognized MY words and phrases on someone else's web-pages~ all copied without quotations or any attribution to me. So, it's sorta like I have my own private militia policing the internet, and alerting me to copyright infringements by people who basically wanna kidnap my kids. How about THEM apples?!

If you see or hear anyone within a public forum seeming eerily like they're mouthing or writing my words or using my well-worn and highly recognized phrases, feel free to report it to me. In the interim, I believe in warning someone who steps over the line with me~ but if they persist, there's gonna be HELL to pay~ and I'm not at all beyond making that a very public and terribly humiliating revelation. 

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