Many of you know what it's like being in love with a Borderline. There's initially a depth of loyalty, devotion and affection you've felt for this individual, because they've put their best foot forward since you first met, and shown you only their light side.

It comes as a shock then, when the dark side of their nature begins to emerge, just when you've begun believing you've found the love of your life. They overreact to trivial little things you might say or do that most people you've known wouldn't even cognitively register or take exception to, and you initially think it's "just a mood" that has nothing to do with you.

Before long, they seem irritable and start finding fault with you. Some of the very things about you they initially "loved," are now apparently annoying to em. You're having to internalize this sharp contradiction, and figure out what in the world could have changed since the beginning, when it felt like you could do no wrong by em!

You're in too deep emotionally by now, to give up on this deal. You're remembering how it was at the start between you, and ya absolutely KNOW you can get back to those euphoric feelings, if you try hard enough to UNDERSTAND what's upsetting your lover, and correct it . . . that is, if they'll just TALK to you about it.

The overall feeling you have at this juncture is, you can't do much of anything RIGHT. Suddenly, those marvelous feelings you had about yourself at the start of your romance, are shattered~ and you're left feeling betrayed by the one person you've thought would care about your well-being, and love you "forever."

For many of us, this sense of betrayal is acute right now. We're waking each morning with the brutal awareness that something's desperately wrong in our world. Every principle and ideation we've grown up believing we could and SHOULD securely count on from government, is gone.

Our BPD-like officials keep changing the rules on us. Just when we think we've learned how to maneuver and comply with their latest set of demands, oops~ they've spontaneously changed em again! We're drowning, but trying desperately to just keep our heads above water, by resorting to whatever means necessary, to retain our sanity amidst a world-scale avalanche of lies, chaos and malevolence.

And the bottom line? Despite all our efforts to "behave and do what we're told," we've come to be regarded by sinister politicians as The Enemy. They own the insane asylum, and we're forced into permanent residency there.

Is escape possible? Dare we even try~ or will we be labeled "seditious" and "treasonous," if we (God forbid) forget to wear our facemask in broad daylight, with nobody else around for miles? Is this actually a legitimate cause for arrest??

They've turned on us. They've lied to us, hyper-controlled and manipulated us, exactly as our BPD ex did. They've cheated on us by strengthening alliances with foreign nations whose only wish is to undermine the sanctity of our relationship bond~ and they've forced us to nearly abandon all hope that harmony, peace and normalcy will one day be restored.

We're a bit too familiar with this feeling of betrayal. We have lived through this very same set of jarring events within our relationship with a borderline personality disordered lover. We know the drill by now.

We've gone along with em for months, hoping they'll finally realize the error of their ways, and be responsive to us again. We've been cooperative and exceedingly patient, but this relationship keeps getting worse and more painful, not better. Welcome to your new America.

Your government isn't crazy, YOU are~ merely for wanting it to protect you from harm, and love you again. Can I get an Amen?

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