I have recently connected with TWO precious, long-time friends, after lengthy hiatuses. When each side can be heard, understood and forgiven by the other, it can make for a very healing and rewarding life experience.

We all screw up occasionally. To err is human~ but it's also now and then, good timing OR fate that intervenes and helps us either forgive and reconnect in a loving, mutually enhancing way, or simply find the closure we've needed, to move on.

With one of my longterm friends, timing was shitty for us both. Neither of us could be as responsive as we would have wished to the other's struggles at that time. Life just deals us these challenges once in awhile. In reuniting, we are delighting in each other's growth and healing, which transpired during our 7 - 8 year break.

Miracles such as this DO occasionally happen~ but I think it takes long-acquired maturity on BOTH parties part, to facilitate genuine reconciliation. Also, I think significant time must often pass to let the dust settle, ruffled feathers to unfurl, and perspectives to broaden, so that true maturation can occur.

Often, that journey must be navigated on our own. The nature of emotional development, simply demands it. Amen.

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  • Do you believe in miracles? How about genuine resolution and healing of a broken bond?