I hate to wait. Today I left my internist's office after waiting over 45 minutes to be seen. She hadn't even arrived as yet! This was a routine exam, and I finally said, FUCK-IT.

My doc called (when she finally got to the office) and left a VM apologizing, but this tardiness is a chronic condition with her, and I'm not gonna tolerate it anymore.

Here's the letter she's getting from me this week:

December 7, 2021

Dear Dr. _____

I like you very much, and wish to continue being your patient. I appreciate your call explaining why I had to wait over forty-five minutes in your office today, before I had to leave.

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. I have waited more than thirty minutes beyond my appointed time to meet with you, every time I’ve arrived for an exam!

Today’s experience triggered my fury. I couldn’t do this again, without feeling disrespected and abused by your office practices.

I understand you have hospital rounds in the mornings, but given this is a standing situation and there are contingencies you must allow for, might it be wiser to schedule your first office patient at 10:00 am, rather than 9:00??

Out of respect, I always arrive a bit early and am forced to sit in the corridor on the floor outside your office, because there are no benches or chairs for the comfort and convenience of patients who must wait for their doctor’s door to be opened by office staff. I strongly believe you should consider altering this situation.

My time is as valuable as yours. I typically never wait more than fifteen minutes for anyone. My parking fee is always high due also, to this condition.

Please don’t force me to find another internist. If there’s a time of day your office can schedule me when I don’t have to waste my precious time waiting on you, let’s make THAT happen.

Respectfully, Shari Schreiber

Narcissism among people in the medical professions is profound. They literally develop God Complexes, and you're their groveling, lowly servant, whose needs and time aren't nearly as important than theirs.

Ya know what I say to that?? FUCK YOU~ My parents didn't raise me to endure abuse, and I'm not gonna take any from You!