Do you blame yourself when ya feel like your life isn't going well~ especially if you've been on a 'high' for awhile, and thought you'd never have to feel 'down' again?

Well, folks, let me help you reframe this for yourself. When bad stuff happens, it's inevitable (nobody's UP all the time, 24/7). Usually, God, The Universe or your angels, are letting you know that what you've BEEN DOING isn't working for ya anymore.

What this means is, it's an opportunity for change. The need for a renaissance, if you will. You could have been going effortlessly along, thinking you had the world by the balls, and then OOPS! You fall off that ride.

Maturation, growth and evolution happen, whether we want em to or not. Those of us who accept this fact, tend to advance more quickly than those who do not.~ and hanging onto the status-quo feels marvelous or at the very least, okay~ until it doesn't!

Fact: Humans never change and develop, if there are no challenges or setbacks to navigate. They remain the same as they were decades before, which means they're under-cooked. Having to figure out how to surmount a crisis is typically what expands us, matures us, and helps us feel even more confident in our personal sphere than before that shit hit the fan.

In short, it's one more awful thing we now feel a lot more prepared to handle, should we ever be cursed with facing the same situation again! Bottom line, we've grown, and gained more empowerment!

The very worst thing you can do to yourself when you topple off the top of your mountain ("because you've done SO much work on yourself to insure that you wouldn't") is to shame and guilt yourself for feeling bad. Most of you do this shit. YOU know ya do, and I know ya do, so the object here, is to QUIT IT!

Down times may be simply old, stuck cellular pain floating to the surface to be purged (through crying or ranting or both). OR, our dark feelings may be triggered by an event or crisis (like when half my car got demolished by a dumb shit driver last October). In any case, regardless of the stressor, it forces us to recalibrate ourselves and our behaviors, and evolve.

Setbacks from time to time are a necessary evil. They inform us (indirectly) of our need to expand, and change what we've BEEN doing, so our future outcomes are more aligned with who we are becoming.

So, don't hate yourself for feeling down. If you felt UP all the time, there'd be no room for growth of any kind~ and you'd keep living with fear and dread of any and all change that can actually serve you better than what's worked for you in the past.

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