Have you ever noticed that erasing people from your personal phone book feels both satisfying AND sad? Me too.

The ones who took more than they gave. The ones who didn't care as much as You did. The ones who were undercooked, and maybe a little crazy. The ones in whom you'd lost trust and/or respect. A former dentist or doctor, a former friend, a relative you never, ever speak with, unless YOU reach out to Them.

The sadness you feel during this process is nostalgia. The memory of what they once meant to you gets triggered. When you erase em from your book, it can feel like they've died~ there's no remnant of em remaining for you. No name and number you can call when you feel like connecting again after decades have passed. No way to address unfinished business with em, or see if amends are in order on either side.

There's tremendous finality in this process that doesn't necessarily feel good, but ya realize you need it. It's a lot like cleaning out kitchen or garage drawers you've been throwing stuff into for decades, that are messy and disorganized. It's a purging process, and from a Feng Shui perspective, it serves you~ because all that shit can't take up space in your energy field any longer.

I've been in reorganization mode. I tackled my huge toolbox, I cleaned out drawers in my garage, and I'm physically erasing old names and numbers from my phone book.

YOU probably keep that stuff in your smartphone, don't ya?? Go thru and see how many people you haven't had contact with in 3 - 5 years (at least) and delete em. Yes, it'll feel uncomfortable~ it always does! It's kind of like holding onto an object you 'think' you might NEED someday, and that's your excuse for having become a hoarder.

Stop being a people-hoarder. Let those who don't serve your higher good and aren't in your immediate life anymore, GO.

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  • Erasing people from your phone book is like cancelling ’em from your life. This CAN be healthy closure for you!