It's easy to blame absentee fathers for the ever-rising crime rate in black communities~ but NOBODY seems to want to acknowledge the emasculating, demeaning, toxic borderline disordered females, who've driven those men out of the house.

No reasonably decent man can walk away from his own flesh and blood, unless he senses that if he stays, he can't live long enough with the stress of daily abuse, to see his children grown.

We can't just look at a symptom, and presume we have the answer to a far deeper and more insidious, systemic issue. Borderline disordered mothers raise depressed, angry children who act-out their pain and rage by denigrating the lives of those they consider to be more fortunate then they.

Their total lack of impulse control, boundaries and empathy for others, are byproducts of arrested emotional development. In short, those with Borderline Personality Disorder traits. Borderlines beget Borderlines. The lack of sufficient bonding and emotional attunement between a mother and her infant is the root of all social ills, and until we are willing to accept that these outcomes are due to the lack of early nurturing from an emotionally sound mother, they will continue to be replicated generation to generation, with no end in sight.

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