Our planet earth will survive and sustain itself, no matter what. It has for thousands of years, and will continue to do so. It has surmounted an ice age. It has survived floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires and every other type of 'natural' disaster known to man.

Our first and ONLY priority should be to make certain that WE survive and sustain ourselves. Mother Earth knows and has always known how to heal, rebuild and regenerate itself, just as our own human bodies do.

Unless we constantly interrupt our body's innate survival programming and set ourselves upon a course of self-destruction, we, like Planet Earth, will continue to survive. This is unequivocally true, whether you choose to believe it or not.

If we focus on replenishing our natural resources, like oxygen and life-supporting forests and jungles worldwide, our planet can regenerate itself and thrive~ regardless of whatever humanity's industrial efforts do to it.

Think of it this way~ you and I are exposed to man-made toxins and harmful chemicals every day. They're in the cleaning solutions we use in our homes, our food products, our water supply and even, our building materials (remember asbestos and lead, before the use of 'em was banned?).

I don't "wash" my vegetables or fruit. I give em a good rinsing under the tap in my kitchen, but I've very likely been ingesting pesticides for decades! Still, I'm healthy and have an excellent, well-working immune system. I DO take supplements to augment what I can't derive from the foods I consume, and this is just one way I bolster my capacity to THRIVE.

Replenish what we lose and we'll sustain ourselves, regardless of whatever life throws at us, including this viral pandemic! I spoke with an old friend just yesterday, and both he and his wife fell victim to Covid. They each surmounted it pretty quickly, because they're nutrition and health conscious like I am. We're not fanatics. We simply use common sense when it comes to sustaining and giving ourselves the most optimal chance to remain intact and well. 

On a larger scale, we do not have to scapegoat industries that provide life-sustaining resources to us. There's no need to regard them as EVIL, and seek to destroy and eliminate them. This is a faulty ideation which only treats the symptoms of a much deeper, more pernicious and foundational issue!

I'm reminded of psychotherapy here, which attempts to help you gain intellectual insights about your emotional pain, in the hopes it will mend the fractures in your heart and soul. Plenty of people believe it will, but I would never have been able to build a thriving international wellness practice, IF those methods could accomplish what they perpetually seem intent on doing.

The root of our planet's decline is simply due to the de-forestation of it. That, along with idiotic humans dropping non-combustible waste into our oceans. That's really the whole ball of wax, folks.

Replenish our forests and jungles, pay people to replant life rather than destroying it, and our planet will heal itself AND us, for a miniscule fraction of the cost your crazy Biden/Harris duo are proposing~ which promises decades of enormous financial compromise to us all.

The Dem's come right out and TELL you this hardship is coming!!! The fact that you have a sheep's brain and can't fathom the disastrous consequences of those misguided agendas, continues to utterly MYSTIFY those of us who are bright and well-informed.

It would be enormously helpful if you did YOUR part in the restoration and resurrection of our earth. Stop dropping shit into our waters and treating 'em like they're your own private garbage bin . . . and boycott the sale of Christmas trees. You're willing to make this tiny sacrifice by foregoing having a once-alive pine decorating your house each year, aren't ya??

As with all things, healing must begin SOMEWHERE~ or no matter what extreme measures government is determined to institute, it won't matter. Mark my words.

We humans will not survive our self-destructive compulsions (we never do)~ but planet Earth will regenerate itself just the same, with OR without us. It always has, and it always will.

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