Anybody remember "Silence of the Lambs"? Crazy dude kidnapped/killed women to wear their skin in order to embody being female (the book was better than the movie, as it more deeply explored his psychopathology).

As a child, he couldn't get enough nurturing and attention from Mother, and compensated for those deficits later in life, by trying to BECOME her. I once worked briefly with a client whose son appeared to be struggling with these same issues, and chose to transition into being female.

Most mothers NEVER consider the psychological basis of their child's self-loathing and need to flee who they are, because they think it's THEIR fault, they're not getting the emotional supplies they desperately need. In My view, gender transitioning among our youth has reached epidemic proportions due to this factor.

Segue to today: I think we need to at least EXPLORE how many male children feel unlovable due to growing up with a borderline-disordered man-hating mother, and find themselves thinking, "if I were more like Her, she might love me."

I believe it's the same for female children, whom because of maternal neglect, might reason, "if I change myself to become more like the MEN my mom gives so much of her time and attention to, maybe I'll finally get more of her affection."

I'm not asserting that ALL kids who grow up seeking a gender change due to feeling ill at ease in their body, have been psychologically derailed by their mothers. I'm merely suggesting that there are MANY more cases of this issue than we're bothering to investigate, as the root cause of WHY of a child is so desperately unhappy with their self-image.

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  • Gender Reassignment surgeries for young kids are broadly sanctioned by “progressive” Leftists. Could the “new norm” have psychopathological roots?