What if your child needs emotional realignment, rather than sexual reassignment??

Thousands of kids are unhappy, due to inadequate or defective parenting. Many grow up to be borderline personality disordered. They'll do literally ANYTHING to their bodies they think will relieve their despair~ or at least, change the channel on what they're feeling!

They think engaging in substance or alcohol abuse, compulsive eating, body piercings, tattoos, plastic and/or sexual reassignment surgeries, having a baby, or even changing the name given to 'em at birth, will finally fix what's AILING them~ but alas, it never does.

Haven't you heard? Happiness is an INSIDE job. No matter what ya do to the Outside of you, your Insides remain broken, self-hating and desperate. Plastic surgeons get rich off deeply unhappy people.

So, do we take a young child's desire for an alternate gender identity seriously? Or do we get that child to a solid and effective child psychologist to help us determine why the fuck our kid is so profoundly unhappy with and ashamed of WHO he or she is?

Me thinks it's the latter~ at least if you're reasonably responsible, and have a fucking brain between your ears.

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