"Misery Loves Company." That's the saying~ and it's been around since Christ was in the crib.

Your married friends try to make you feel like you're "too fussy or picky," because THEY settled for someone they didn't have to love too much, and if they can get YOU to suffer a similar agony, if makes 'em feel less undiscerning and STUPID by contrast.

NO relationship always trumps a BAD relationship! Decades ago, I decided that if I really put my mind to it, I could be miserable by myself~ I sure as fuck didn't need anyone ELSE helping me get there!

Here's the thing I've learned: As an adult, you are steering your own ship. Nobody can make you do what you don't wanna do. Nobody can control or abuse you, unless you let 'em.

YOU have choices to make that can enrich your life, and make it feel gratifying and pleasurable. Only You can decide if you want this. YOU also have options available to you, to suffer and continue stepping in the same holes in the road, wishing and hoping for a different outcome.

Every wise financial decision you DON'T make for yourself, will come back to bite you on the fanny when you're older. Every impulsive relationship choice you climb onboard with will make you regret the day you ever met that person.

Immaturity stands in your way of making sound, logical, productive choices for yourself. Immaturity is NOT contingent on your chronological age~ it's dependent on how tenaciously you're dedicated to healing, growing and expanding, so that you can ultimately create the kind of life you may have only dreamed about as a kid.

I met a 48 year old man recently. His finances are in shambles, he owes the IRS, he's irresponsible with keeping receipts he can use as write-offs in his business, his life is joyless, and he WANTS it this way.

Why do I say this?? Because every tiny choice we make 24/7, either adds to our stability, security and happiness, or it undermines it. Anything we achieve in this life, takes time and conscious, careful planning. It's vitally important here, to remember that even the tallest mountains in the world have been scaled by climbers taking one small, laborious step at a time. 

If you're too lazy and/or self-destructive to give a shit about climbing out of the holes you've dug for yourself, you're fully resigned to living a shitty life. YOU have the power to change for the better. It'll be uncomfortable for awhile, because it means breaking old, familiar patterns of behavior the keep you disempowered~ but try stepping outside your well-worn comfort zone one tiny bit each day, and you'll be surprised at the results.

Change will come from this action. For one, you'll start getting to know someone who's actually more conscious and responsible~ and eventually, you'll start liking and respecting that gal or guy.

What have you got to lose, besides financial debt and debauchery?

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