People go to therapy, when they hit a speed-bump~ but that's only about damage control and crisis intervention. Actual growth and healing work can only happen with prescheduled weekly appointments, when there aren't intense stressors on one’s platter that demand immediate attention.

Couples only seek help, when cumulative little issues and obstacles in the way of disappointments, hurt feelings and emotional betrayals, show up in the bedroom and negatively impact their SEX life~ and by THEN, it's often too late to save the relationship. No kidding... this is utterly true.

Human nature is such, that we don't wanna spend money on stuff we don't think we really NEED~ so most of society remains stuck with personality disorder traits, poor self-worth, compulsive behavior patterns and addictive reflexes that routinely undermine productive choices and healthy interpersonal dynamics.

Emotional development work is never easy~ but if you think of it as preparing you for big future rewards like contentment, joy and fulfillment that your soul takes into your next lifetime and the ones that follow, maybe it can seem worth investing in.

Without a doubt, the clients I've worked with who enter session with, "I don't have anything today to talk about" have experienced the most emotional development during those meetings. The upshot? If we're always having to slay dragons and put out fires, there's no room to address underlying issues that can ONLY be dealt with, outside of doing crisis intervention.

Think of it this way: How much spare time do you have to give love and affection to your cat or dog, when it's sick, and barfing or shitting all over your carpet?

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