Ya can't MAKE people accept or love you. You can't even make em stop hating you, but you can sure as hell, make em start! You can't jam your values down the throats of others, and expect em to say "thank you very much~ give me more, please."

There are a lotta people who love Borderlines. I have nothing against the disorder, and have been very fond of some who've come thru my practice~ but I don't have to sanction their bad behaviors, or wave any banners on their behalf.

I'm under no obligation to pity them for their miserable existences. If they wanna pull themselves up by the bootstraps like many of us have done, they can get the help they need to actually grow and heal. I feel exactly the same about anyone who's gender-undecided or dysphoric, and all other humans of any ethnic, religious or racial persuasion who doesn't believe they're being treated fairly by society or government.

Nobody handled ME with kid gloves during the many years I was struggling just to get by, and somehow I turned out okay. I worked hard to stay afloat and become a person of integrity and character, even being up against specific stigmas that were foisted upon me. I coulda seen myself as a "victim" of other's prejudice and disdain, or I could decide to start liking and respecting myself, and not give a fuck about what others thought or how they viewed me.

I chose the latter, because I was wholly dedicated to personal growth and healing. The rest of you PUSSIES can keep demanding that your validation to be handed to you on a silver platter, but it's never gonna change ANYTHING about how unworthy of love you feel. You will still hate yourself, no matter how much acceptance or approval the world gives ya, because it can't compensate for your lifelong self-loathing. BAM!

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