A lot of people discover a road they're pretty sure will lead 'em to emotional wholeness and happiness, but they'll stop short of entering that path, because there's a deep, primal belief inside 'em, that they haven't yet "suffered quite enough."

It's almost like forcing yourself to eat every morsel on your dinner plate, before you let yourself have a delicious, satisfying dessert. I swear, this has been true for hundreds of potential clients I've met over the years.

What's at the baseline of this strange phenomenon, that emotionally healthy folks cannot relate to? Entitlement issues. When childhood's been a struggle, we grow up unable to feel deserving or worthy of receiving what we need and want.

This ENTITLEMENT issue spills into every single aspect of our life. It prevents us from finding the kind of love we SAY we want, it stops us short of attaining professional success, It gets in the way of our ability to remain healthy, and accept Thriving as a normal part of our existence.

None of us came out of our mother's womb with this internal damage, but the ripples it sends out into the rest of our lifetime, are as destructive as if she'd chopped off our legs, when we were newborns.

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