When a Borderline turns on you, they see you in such an ugly, despicable light, that even when you know there's no truth to their accusations, ya can't walk away feeling anything less than ICKY.

The toxic sludge that lands on ya when you're vilified by one of these people, is palpable. You'll feel like you need a shower after a BPD attack, 'cause that shit clings to ya like the odor of dung on your shoe you've stepped on accidentally.

If you've been hard on yourself your whole life, it's impossible to shake that stuff off. It cuts too deep, and you're not inclined to brush it off by assuring yourself the other is unbalanced (at the least) and a bit crazy, because you're accustomed to feeling at fault for just about everything that goes wrong in your life, aren't ya??

Try not to allow yourself to get 'sludge-hammered' by anyone. Nobody who is capable of loving you, will ever treat you this way, no matter HOW angry they get. WHY?? Because normal, healthy people know full well, they can't take back what they've already said~ and if they decimate ya verbally, it could mean the end of a bond they assumed would last "forever."

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