The essential difference between a human and a lab rat, is the rat is smarter. It NEVER goes down the same tunnel twice, in a maze that holds no edible reward at the end. Don't ask me how the rat knows how to choose a different tunnel each time he finds no cheese, but he does.

Humans on the other hand, keep going down the same, well-worn tunnel in their maze, hoping to find even a modicum of gratification. How many times have you misplaced your keys, sunglasses, smartphone, or whatever, and gone back to the same exact places you THINK it should be, and it's not there?! I rest my case: Rats are more intelligent than humans.

Programming human minds requires consistent repetition of the same verbiage over and over again to cement an idea or concept. Repetition of identical outcomes that enable us to count on and TRUST certain sources of information as being ethical, valid and true, has historically proven to be an effective programming tool as well.

Remember the 'Good Old Days' when ALL news sources and reporters of local and world events were held to the most rigorous standards of accountability with regard to reporting ACCURATE information?? This aspect was so vigorously upheld, nobody dared even THINK of tainting a newsworthy event with personal bias or opinion, or they'd be severely reprimanded or discharged. Just the threat of public humiliation for reporting falsehoods or lending personal bias to a broadcast or newspaper article, kept reporters acting RESPONSIBLY. What a concept!

Americans seem to have a short memory~ or perhaps it's just underdeveloped, child-like minds who believe everything they're told "in the news," and condone and comply with entering wars with other counties that keep our sons and daughters separated from the safety of home and their families for decades at a time (Afghanistan, Viet Nam).

Have we've learned NOTHING from fighting other nations' battles that have no end, and bolstering US military "leaders" salaries, while financially decimating our homeland? Do we honestly need to RISK radioactive fallout from a nuclear weapon-empowered country, before we wake the fuck up and begin to learn from past mistakes??

No reasonable, rational ADULT would ever sanction such an action, particularly in light of national food shortages, commerce crises due to unaffordable fuel, and his or her city being overrun and destroyed by looters, thieves, drug pushers and murderers~ with ZERO legal consequences for their crimes against humanity. It simply could not happen.

No intelligent ADULT would allow a political leader to flood their country DAILY with illegal migrants, when it can barely feed, shelter, educate or medically attend to its OWN citizens. In my view, you'd either have to be incredibly apathetic, naive or STUPID to allow such conditions to exist.

And yet, here we ARE. People plagued with body dysmorphia and sexual identity confusion have bitched about not feeling "included" in society at large, yet their extreme and deliberate cosmetic and lifestyle choices, have intentionally set themselves apart from the rest of us.

I used to live in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, also inhabited by Sikhs. Both groups wore clothing that readily identified them as having strong historical religious beliefs, and wanting to be seen as such.

The Sikhs wore turbans on their heads and robe-like garments. The Orthodox Jews donned heavy, black, woolen clothing and hats and long, curled sideburns in 110 degree weather, as they walked for many blocks to synagogue. I was born to two Jewish people, but could not regard these folks without feeling amazement and wondering if they had any common sense.

How might any reasonably rational person NOT expect to invite ridicule and mockery, if they physically present in the world as extremely different from the rest of society?? This is their God-given right of course, and I have no problem with it because I'm a "live and let live" kind of individual.

You can dress as bizarrely as you wish, sleep with whomever you want, use liquor and drugs to your heart's content and even alter your GENDER, if you suspect any of these practices promise to be your magical key to real and true Happiness! I respect this choice as your prerogative~ just don't try to shove it down MY throat and look at ME as "The Enemy," just because I’ve made personal choices that are different than yours.

What rankles me, is that the sensibilities of MINORITIES have been given priority consideration (by a deranged old mannequin disguised as a "world leader") over the sane, rational, independent, conventional and conservative MAJORITY, to distort demographics for the sole purpose of gaining political clout in upcoming elections, with NO guarantee (incidentally) it'll even work!

You can pierce your dick, or have horns installed on your forehead and EXPECT the rest of society to want to 'include' and regard you as "normal" (and just WHY is this so important to you??) but the majority of us are still gonna be resistant to letting you move-in next door to us or teach our kids, if you appear to be a bizarrely different-looking ALIEN from another planet.

It's not that we NEED you to be carbon copies of us~ it's that when you go to extremes to LOOK like you don't wanna be part of our clan, tribe or society, we can't help but be convinced that you AREN'T, and that'll impact how we view and relate to you.

Didn't your mommy ever tell ya not to get visible tattoos when you were young, so your chances of finding a decent job wouldn't be diminished? So far, our government is STILL keeping UFO sightings and alien visitations a secret. If you think it's because they're attempting to control mass public chaos and panic, YOU'RE RIGHT!

Humans fear what they don't understand. If Your personal choices during your seemingly endless search for “Happiness” have you radically defying public convention, you are entitled to that choice~ just don't expect the rest of us to consider you to be anywhere close to emotionally or psychologically NORMAL, and welcome you with open arms.