I'm someone who defies convention, which is why I respect and admire others who do, too. Most people root for the underdog, 'cause they identify with that struggling, victim-like aspect in themselves. I root for those who are more like Me.

I've always known I had vulnerable facets, and life's been really hard at times~ but Elon Musk is currently at the top of my list as someone I champion. He's brave enough to be a convention defier.

Musk doesn't give a shit what people say or how they think about him, because material wealth isn't the basis of his confidence. His self-esteem draws from an element deep inside, that's undaunted by others' opinions of him.

I'd sure like to meet his MOM one day! We don't pop out of the womb with this kinda strength. We might have a powerful spirit from the start~ perhaps carried forth from previous lifetimes, but I believe the difference between surviving and thriving later in life, hinges on early mirroring we get that ideally nourishes our innate talents and personality traits.

Elon's not afraid to take risks~ or whatever fears he has, he pushes beyond them, probably focusing on what he can GAIN, rather than lose, in the process. If you let fear of failure stop ya from TRYING, you'll remain right where you are. Besides, the Universe supports movement. If there's no CHANGE you're willing to make, stagnation becomes your constant companion.

Emulate people you respect and admire. Find your Heroes, and model yourself after Them, rather than most the folks you 'relate' to~ which is in my view, the recipe for making progress in this life of ours.

I've become a MUSK-ateer, 'cause I admire the hell out of this man! Whether he wins or loses, at least he's courageous enough to make the attempt at creating a better Universe for us all.

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