In this current age of texting, sexting and dick pics, have you noticed how nearly absent from human interaction, Real Romance is? I think this has come about in large part, due to technological advancements, but that's just my theory.

In the 1800's, people used to write long missives to each other after they met and felt a tiny spark of mutual attraction. Over time, as they began to sense each other shared a similar level of interest, they'd trust themselves to share a bit of their innermost thoughts and feelings, and revealed aspects about themselves as you might to a new friend, in context of getting better acquainted.

Those handwritten letters bordered on poetic. The emotions that were invoked while writing these cautiously crafted tomes were incredibly rich and gratifying, as well as romantically stimulating, both for the author and the recipient.

You had to proceed with great caution back then, because you weren't sure the person receiving your prose was on the same page as you, in terms of mutual attraction~ and you didn't wanna risk going too far out on a limb emotionally, if they weren't. People weren't presumptuous back then like they are today~ or maybe they weren't narcissistic enough to assume that if THEY felt an attraction stirring, the object of their desire, did too.

Written interplay between two people used to gradually build an exciting energy of romantic anticipation, in an age where women dare not show even a naked ankle. Months, even years could pass before these beings could physically meet again, yet their written exchanges that gradually revealed more and more about themselves to each other, were what slowly cemented the relationship.

Sex was never on the table for these people. Alluding to it, would have been considered improper and inappropriate. People didn't engage in sexual intercourse prior to marriage back then. (Can you imagine??)

I have just recently enjoyed the tiniest thread of this romantic energy with someone, and I can feel parts of me which have long been dormant (and presumed as dead) beginning to awaken. It's like they're saying, "remember Me? I'm that aspect you'd resigned yourself to never experiencing again, for well over a decade."

I've gotta say here, that I have no agenda, no expectations, no fantasies about what "could" be, it's simply feeling exquisite to have these sensations reemerge after such a lengthy slumber. 🙂

How about THEM apples?!

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