Ya know, how when you're feeling depressed, you think it's gonna last forever? Hasn't it been hard to think of this fucking pandemic in any other way?

One day recently, I realized I was coming to terms with the possibility that the human race could be required to wear face coverings indefinitely. No more smiling at folks ya pass on the street, no more breathing easy and taking in oxygen, instead of our own expelled waste, carbon dioxide and bacteria.

I felt an Orwellian sense of doom, never to be risen above and conquered. It was just a brief fantasy. A bad one. I didn't actually believe this shit would be a permanent fixture in our lives, but I did notice how easily my fellow man is programmed to be COMPLIANT, and keep his mouth shut about it.

I for one, detest compliance. An old friend once said in recent years when we'd reconnected, "Schreiber, you're the most unconventional person I've ever known!"

I'd say, that's an understatement~ and I'm damned proud of it, too. Conformity is not in my DNA. Can't help it. I was put on this earth to raise HELL, and that ain't gonna change anytime soon.

You may make of this what you wish. You're either in My camp, or you're in somebody else's. Whatever your persuasion, I sincerely wish you well . . . and I mean that, quite literally.

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  • It used to be, only bandits wore masks.