It's beautiful, really. Left-wingers are enraged we're commenting on Joe's oh-so-obvious cognitive impairment. They've labeled it "stuttering," and are trying to shame us for "making fun of his speech impediment." Isn't that rich??

Biden has no SPEECH impediment. Joe is cognitively impaired, which looks and sounds (to me, anyway) like the onset of dementia. The Donkey party knows this, and doesn't CARE, because they don't plan for him to be in office long anyway (if they actually get away with the biggest election hoax in history, perpetrated on America).

The left is now martyring poor, sleepy Joe! Democrats, R U having a Biden moment?! The man is mentally challenged. It's evident to anyone watching him. Dementia is setting in for the dude. Could you NOT find anyone better to represent your party? Or even, stay awake for it?

Oh, that's right. You knew Harris wasn't strong or popular enough to run on the ticket alone, so this was your idea of a shoe-in.

I'm utterly incredulous.