I guess ya gotta just try and love how emotionally retarded some people are. I've got a few in My family, how about You?

This is a devil-may-care kinda post today, because it's inspired by my having recently phoned my ex-brother in-law, having finally reconnected after many years. He'd written me close to a couple of decades ago on my site, and thru some bizarre, misguided loyalty to my sister, I was barely responsive.

Thing is, he'd been very complimentary at the time, and I always felt a little bad for refusing to hit the ball back across the net. So anyhow, I called him the other day. As soon as he picked up, he said, "Wow~ I've been thinking about you!"

Turns out, he and my sister are much more alike, than either would ever wanna admit. They do the same shit. My sister's notorious for saying, "I've been meaning to call you!" Here's the deal, folks. If we MEAN to do something, we fucking DO IT. We don't just give lip service to it.

The bottom line is, this is just like my stepmom always said: "The road to Hell was paved with good intentions." I don't know about You, but when someone I give a shit about crosses my mind, I reach out with a call to em. With any luck, it's a good time for each of us to catch up and reconnect~ but apparently, I'm part of a minority to whom a sense of connection, actually matters.

You can tell me all day long that you "love" me, but if your actions aren't backing up your words, if you're not SHOWING ME by your behaviors that I fucking matter to you, I take your "I love you's" with a grain of salt. Maybe it's just who we've become as an insular society of people who'd rather dick around with their smart phone online, than have a meaningful exchange with another human.

How sad is that?! My ex-bro in-law was always narcissistic. It's in his DNA as much as it's in mine~ but I finally delivered my punch, last time we briefly spoke.

I said to him, if or when you find yourself "thinking about" me, why don't ya pick up the fucking phone like a normal person, and CALL?? You say you want a friendship, but if the onus to connect always falls to Me, then you can go crawl back under your rock, and never be inconvenienced by hearing from me again. We'll see in the coming weeks or months, if he got the message.

I for one, have zero patience for this shit, because it's HORSE CRAP. Talk is cheap. These days, it's cheaper than ever. If I'm someone you occasionally think fondly of, then demonstrate that! If not, I've got neighbors who care about me and my well-being a lot more than YOU apparently do, and I can live out the rest of my days with the comfort of that knowledge. Amen.

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  • Love is just a four-letter word. Your actions speak much louder!