If ya feel a little desperate to spend time with someone other than You, you're not gonna be paying close attention to what someone reveals about him or herself, very soon after you meet.

People TELL you what you need to know about 'em, almost immediately. They'll let ya know how many times they've been married, or that they "don't HAVE relationships" (presumably, to keep themselves emotionally safe).

If you find em attractive, and your heart's beating a bit faster, your genitals are gettin' twitchy, and you're starting to fantasize about what parts of their anatomy will feel like when they're touching yours, you're probably already in trouble, because that's when you stop HEARING what they're telling ya, and taking it seriously.

Our human sex drive mixed with our Ego have prodigious impact when a personal agenda is needing to be satisfied. Literally millions of people end up with broken hearts (and more) when they convert what's being SAID to them, into what they actually wanna hear (based solely on their agenda).

They'll rationalize direct statements away, like when someone says "I'm not emotionally available right now," or "I just got OUT of a relationship, and I'm not ready to bond again." Neither the sex drive nor the Ego can take "no" for an answer~ so what we ultimately end up with, is emotional rape.

Emotional rape has much farther reaching consequences, than physical rape. The trauma remains and haunts us like cloth goblins swaying in the tall tree outside our bedroom window on a dark, stormy night.

We shame ourselves for having been less than cautious, we guilt ourselves for "knowing better" but ignoring the red flags. We eviscerate ourselves for jumping into that lake too fast, and not first checking the depth of the water.

It's bad ENOUGH dealing with heart injury~ but the self-punishment we heap on ourselves in the aftermath of being dropped on our head by someone who got our pussy wet or dick hard, leaves us with HEAD injury, as well.

It's truly astounding, how many folks gloss over crucial details being revealed to em, when sexual attraction kicks in. I think it's how the saying, "Love is blind," came to be.

The moral of this post is, IGNORE NOTHING. Keep your ears and eyes open, and your antennae circling~ because what you might pass off as trivial or unimportant when ya meet someone, could (and often does) come back to bite you on the fanny.

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  • Love, Trust and Respect must all be earned, and they take considerable time to establish.