THE WAY WE ARE, we often assume others are, too. We're our only frame of reference, until we get more life experience under our belt.

Be not afraid to DATE. Think of it as a social experiment to help you discover what you really like, and what you don't. What you're attracted to, and what you're not. The elements you can relate to and admire about someone else, and those you cannot.

NOBODY finds a life mate without kissing a lotta frogs along the way. When you date people, you find out a lot more about YOU in the process, because you're constantly doing comparisons and contrasts to yourself with each individual you meet.

So, don't approach dating with the idea of finding your "True Love." Approach it with the idea that you're gonna get better acquainted with You, and what you really need and WANT in someone who could one day matter a lot to ya~ and whom you'd PREFER not to live without.

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