I never set-out to become "the worlds foremost (non-clinical) authority on Borderline Personality Disorder." It's just the title millions of others have given me, after reading voluminous information about BPD from other web sources, books and diagnostic manuals, and finally landing on My articles written about this topic.

I've made a good number of enemies in the world of Borderlines, and people who pity and want to protect and take care of 'em~ but the vast majority of feedback I've gotten is from folks who've said: "I was on the verge of killing myself before I found your materials, and YOU have saved my life!"

Several men wrote books they dedicated to me, about their harrowing experiences in relation to a BPD woman they'd once loved. I politely declined each of the 4 kind offers to send me a copy of their book~ because while it was flattering, I didn't need or want those volumes taking up precious storage space in my home.

I'd never had contact with any of these men, incidentally. They found healing and resolution merely by reading my 25 articles devoted to the topic of BPD (along with some insightful excerpts included about Codependency ~or the NEED to be needed).

I've always been in the life-saving business~ even long before I returned to school at 41, and managed to get 2 psych degrees (which is in itself a bloody miracle, given MY compromised attention span!).

Anyhow, I'm living proof that the BEST things in life can happen without any planning on OUR part, because when you're honest, integrous and true to your mission and passions, God, The Universe and whatever Angels exist out there in the ether, have a master plan to reward you for it.

So, while you may work hard at achieving a goal, you're just a lab rat in a maze that higher powers are watching over, and helping you realize your greatest (often, unrecognized) potential. Amen.

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