Every one of us carries prejudice, judgement or bias, if ya look deeply and honestly enough, and are willing to own it. This takes some courage, incidentally.

Case in point~ how do you feel about morbidly obese people (as an example)? What inner dialogue is triggered in you about them neglecting their health, "letting themselves go," or even just wondering how they manage to have sex with another?

We are human. We are all fallible. We regard others thru our OWN lens, concerning right and wrong behavior, values, ethics and character, and opinions. Not one of us SEES others very different from ourselves, and feels completely indifferent about it~ to the extent their appearance (or political views) don't even register for us.

You're NOT a bad person, if this is you. You're only BAD, if you verbally bully, physically attack or humiliate another directly, and cause them emotional injury or bodily harm. In other words, unless your mild to moderate disdain for another is acted-out, quit shaming yourself for having thoughts or feelings that are less than positive or totally accepting toward someone else.

Nobody expects you to be the second coming of Christ~ so stop expecting Yourself to be "all loving and light," and one-dimensional!!! It's not healthy, and neither is it perfectly HUMAN.

You got a problem with this? Get your anger toward me out in a journal, and don't bother sending it to me, 'cause I already know who you are AND who you aren't, and I'm hoping YOU can get to a place of full acceptance with ALL your parts some day.