I don't think Democrats are idiots. I just see them as remarkably gullible. How could they NOT be?

We used to depend on the news media for fair and honest reporting. Who ELSE are ya gonna trust to bring you an unbiased and rigorously honest accounting of what's going on in our communities and the world??

We've all come to depend on this, because regardless of a news anchor's views or opinions, they were always bound by their employers to report the TRUTH, whether they personally agreed with it, or not. This, we came to take for granted, because it was the ethical system we counted on for many decades in America, "the land of the free."

Sadly, this well-honored tradition has apparently been corrupted by US government officials and large corporations who financially benefit (to say the least) from its irresponsible wielding of power plays over its constituents~ the country's citizens they're SWORN to protect when they took office, and they're downright LYING to 'em about it.

MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers who kill thousands of good, law-abiding citizens every year, have lost any power they fought so hard to establish years ago. I guess it won't matter to JOE BIDEN that unscrupulous, narcissistic, law-breaking people are inebriated while driving a car, until a child or grandchild of HIS and JILL'S is slaughtered as a result. One can only HOPE this will finally get his attention. Might we look forward then to his being able to see the error of his ways??

As with any 'new' set of laws, everyone has the luxury of basking in apathy, until YOU are tragically impacted by the consequences of those edicts put in place by someone so despotic and myopic, they honestly believe, "Oh, that'll never happen to ME or those I, I, I love!"

There's no capacity for Big Picture perspective for children inhabiting adult bodies (Narcissists and Borderlines) who crave POWER, because they're literally obsessed with and blinded by it. They worship a god that folds neatly into their wallet~ and to hell with millions of good, hard working people who struggle daily, just to get by.

Vaccine mandates have forced tens of thousands of highly skilled individuals to be fired, or walk off their jobs in protest of a government who allows you to abort a viable fetus, but doesn't let you make logical, well-considered and researched choices about your own health care! Next time you fall and break a hip or limb, or you have a stroke or heart attack, or you've been in a serious car accident (as I was recently) with someone who shouldn't even be allowed to drive, and you need immediate medical attention and hospital transport, don't dare call 911, because nobody will come to your aid. The 911 operator (if you can even reach one) will say, "I'm sorry, the help you need is in short supply."

IF you're lucky enough to GET to a hospital for care, you'll be waiting for many, unbearably painful hours to receive help for your injuries or illness, because people who formerly worked there and have SEEN what's happened to segments of the population who've complied with vaccine mandates, have refused to take that health risk with their own body.

So, who's gonna take care of you IF you're lucky enough to be admitted to a hospital?? A totally uneducated, untrained, barely English-speaking MIGRANT who's been welcomed with open arms by Your Government, that YOU as an American citizen, are literally feeding and sheltering with your hard-earned tax dollars??

Democrats are hidden from what's really going on behind the diabolical curtain of the Biden Administration, and whatever they are told about THE BORDER INVASION CRISIS, THE AFGHANISTAN CRISIS, THE SUPPLY SHORTAGES IN OUR STORES, etc., is twisted and transformed to SEEM like the asshole in charge has done everything right (including leaving American citizens stranded in a foreign, hostile land where they're being tortured and killed every day), and they should "feel grateful and celebratory" about it.

I don't blame Dem's for their incomprehensible naivety and gullibility. I understand full-well, that until the mandates of an utterly demented "leader" hits real close to their home and causes devastating loss to them or a loved one, they won't get angry enough to open their eyes and discover what's REALLY going on~ not just behind their backs, but right under their incredibly short-sighted little NOSES.

America's become an insane asylum, the in-house patients are running the show, and I pray every day, that order and sanity will (please, dear God) soon be restored to this country. Amen.

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