It's human nature to resolve our confusing experiences with other people~ which is why we must all fight the urge to indulge ourselves in trying to figure out the WHY of someone's anomalous behaviors.

THIS is the stuff nobody (but me) teaches you! We were ALL curious about our parents' odd behaviors that didn't make sense to us as children. Even when we were small, their shit didn't seem logical to us~ like when they severely punished us for tiny infractions, or for doing nothing bad or wrong at all, and we painfully suffered and felt ashamed for it!

We human organisms are compelled to make sense of our experiences and perceptions, because living in a state of confusion feels tormenting and causes us to perpetually feel uneasy, because the human mind naturally seeks order. Sadly, our childhood habit of endlessly searching for good 'reasons' why someone's actions seemed so odd or strange to us, STUCK~ which is why far too many remain in tormenting, toxic relationships!

We've LEARNED to analyze the hell out of everything we see, feel and perceive~ but the worst part of this habit is, we keep Ourselves under a microscope like a pathogen we're endlessly seeking ways to disable or destroy. In short, this destructive compulsion gets turned against ourselves!

Get the FUCK outta your head, learn to feel and BE in your body, and stop dissociating from your difficult emotions by analyzing the shit out of everything you're exposed to. You cannot continue to live in your head, without your body suffering terribly from neglect.

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  • Our sense of Confusion drives dissociation, and a lot of human dysfunction.