As you break your addiction to helping, fixing and rescuing others, it's not that you stop caring. It's that you've gotten healthy enough to ask, "what's in this for Me?" You start making sure that Your needs and comfort come first, and you feel less and less guilt about it.

You routinely take an honest assessment of your OWN life configuration, and determine what you can do each day ("TODAY") to improve your existence. Is there any area of your life that causes YOU worry, pain, dissatisfaction? Are you 10 pounds heavier than you'd ideally like to be? Do you practice excellent oral hygiene, and keep your teeth and gums healthy?

Take an honest, exacting inventory of your daily existence. Notice what arenas could benefit from improvement. Like the rest of us, only YOU have the power to do this for you~ even if it's just eating less sugar.

In short, stop thinking about everyone else's shit, and deal ONLY with your own! Keep your focus solely on YOU. There is no sin in this, m'dears. While you're practicing this new habit, you will automatically develop healthier boundaries. Your own life will start improving, and you might even begin to make more money, because you're opening a door you've kept locked for a VERY long time.

The Universe has been watching you give away the farm. It knows full well, how uncomfortable you are with receiving. It cannot and WILL NOT send you anything good or nourishing, because it knows you'll reject it: Love, Wealth, Abundance, etc. It understands you do not feel worthy of attracting these things, so all your silly 'affirmations' don't work, because you can't BELIEVE em!

The Universe does not judge or blame you for undermining yourself this way. It truly wants for you, what you want for yourself~ and that (AND ONLY THAT) is what it provides you!

Poor self-worth is at the baseline of you being a compulsive giver, always needing to be In-Control, and never allowing yourself to receive, because you've judged it as "weak." If you'd grown up with parents who knew the slightest thing about loving a child, you wouldn't be in this position.

Quit being stupid. Step outside your fucking comfort zone and stop trying to control all your relationships! The ones who don't NEED you, but only love and want you, will be there for ya tomorrow. They'll stick around because they see you as valuable WITHOUT your fixing compulsions. They'll set firm, healthy boundaries when ya start trying to control Their life again (nobody but USERS and the truly impaired and needy appreciate the compensatory shit you've been doing all this time, to help yourself feel a bit better about You).

Grow to WANT more for Yourself, 'cause that's the only way it's gonna flow to you. "Good People" are NOT those who are always taking care of the needs of others. GOOD people are whole, strong and empowered. They're often very generous with their time and resources, but they crave and seek bonds with their own kind. They don't prey on the weak and needy, and they DO NOT NEED TO BE NEEDED.

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