How to End Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Shari Schreiber's Online Course

Be rid of the Pain of Anxiety!

Imagine a life free  from anxiety and panic attacks.  How do you think it'll feel to beat this problem once and for all? 

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Here are a few Samples of the lessons you will be offered in This Course

Video #1

What Has Caused Your Anxiety and Panic?

Video #2

Get Anxious When You Feel "Too Good?" 

Video #3

Change Your Self-Talk,  and Shrink Anxiety!

Video #4

Getting Well and Staying Well!

Are You Ready to feel inner Calm?

You may have already tried a litany of other interventions like psychotherapy, medication, books or tapes and even hypnosis to end your anxiety episodes or panic attacks, only to be disappointed that they didn't eradicate this awful condition. This could make you feel skeptical about whether this one  will be any different for you.  I get it.

The reason those other methods didn't work, is because they focused on treating the symptoms  of your problem, rather than going to the central core of this issue, so it could be resolved  once and for all.   As an example, you might take medication to soothe an upset stomach, but if we fail to recognize and change what's triggering that discomfort in the first place, you could continue suffering with chronic stomach aches, and be dependent on various drugs or over the counter remedies to control or ease your symptoms indefinitely.  I don't want that for you~ and you shouldn't want it for yourself.

Your anxiety and panic attacks have become a chronic condition. Believe it or not, they began for you during early childhood when you adopted certain behaviors (let's call 'em coping strategies), because they gave you a modicum of relief from pain. These behaviors became habituated, because they reliably distracted you from whatever felt  bad or difficult to manage as a youngster. You can readily heal anxiety issues~ but to do this, you'll be learning to adopt and institute some healthy new habits  in order to eradicate and relieve you of this problem.

Every learning module in this course provides you with written material that's cohesive and congruent with each video presentation~ so you'll be absorbing and integrating effective, healing 'power tools' by watching, listening AND reading.  If you think you're ready to end this horrible condition you've lived with, my tutorial will help you do that all by yourself! You'll be feeling enormous relief of course~ but also great pride for having finally fixed a long-standing issue that has caused you distress.  Now, let's get to it, shall we?

What you can expect to gain from this tutorial:

Anxiety issues will mitigate

Anxiety issues and panic attacks will cease if you absorb and integrate my teachings and diligently use the 'power tools' I give you.  You might be tempted to amend  these tools, but that will negate their effectiveness.  If you follow them exactly, you will experience positive, life-altering results.

You will grow emotionally 

We'll be connecting you fully with all your other feelings, so that anxiety and panic don't have to step in to take the place of emotions you've either felt afraid or reluctant to experience, due to self-judgment or shame about them.

You Will feel more centered and calm

You'll experience feeling solid and grounded. You won't keep feeling uncomfortable, "bored" or empty hanging out with You. You might even begin to prefer your own company over that of others!

You may notice positive social changes

Very likely you will become more discerning and selective about your choices of friends and lovers. If it doesn't feel pleasurable and emotionally safe to be around them, you'll distance yourself. 

You'll feel empowered and more confident

You will be building communication and confrontation skills that will be self-affirming and self-esteem building. Gaining these newfound abilities will give you the confidence to talk with Anybody at Anytime about Anything.

you will heighten your personal vibration

Your posture may improve. As you feel more confident and self-assured, your energetic 'vibration' will be raised and you'll likely carry yourself differently. Others will see you as having greater stature, due to how you regard yourself.

Thank you for Wanting to enroll in this course! first hit the internet in May, 2004. All these years later, we're still going strong and feeling  fantastic  about it!  In joyful celebration of our longevity as one of the premier wellness sites on the Web, our self-healing tutorial, "Overcoming Anxiety and Panic"  is here to help you become anxiety free. This life-altering course is worth thousands~ but we've wanted to make it affordable to millions, because nobody should have to live with the debilitating symptoms of Anxiety or Panic Attacks!  

FACT:  The natural byproduct of growing healthier (through using simple tools you're given in this course) is, anxiety and panic no longer have a 'role' to play in your life. They literally lose their power over you!

ATTENTION: The fee for this amazing course is $299  ~but for a limited time while  our world is in chaos, it's being offered to you for ONLY $69.96, which  is less than 1/3 of the regular cost!  I hope you'll take advantage of this incredible savings!!!  My very best to you, now and always! 

What Others Are Saying:

Anthony R.

"I was pretty skeptical at first, but I diligently worked with Shari's methods and I'm finally feeling at ease with traveling more than a few miles from my home, and enjoying destinations I've always wanted to visit. I can honestly say, I'm free of anxiety for the first time in my life, and loving it."

Jane G.

"I've had the good fortune to work with Shari to end my anxiety issues. I used to have panic attacks at least once a week. While Shari's approach was not at all what I expected and I wasn't sure it could work for me, I'm no longer suffering from panic or anxiety. All I can say is, what a blessing!"

Brent P.

"I've tried to manage my social anxiety  lifelong, and it's been a constant source of pain for me. Before working with Shari, I could never have imagined I'd feel comfortable in crowds. Her methods are unconventional, but very effective. God bless this woman~ she's helped me save my life!"

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