We've all heard it expressed, "the truth hurts" ~but where does it come from, and who invented it? DOES truth actually hurt~ or is it only painful when it lands inside us and touches a sensitive nerve we've been defending against or denying? Perhaps someone we know has held up a mirror, and we're forced to see (and perhaps re-assess) some long-held beliefs or behaviors that are experienced by others as toxic, or at the very least, unsavory. 

Truth in itself is not hurtful, unless we disagree with it! We are exposed to billions of truths during the course of our life that either feel congruent with what we may have been programmed to believe as young children, or we've adopted in adulthood. The truths we agree with make logical, practical sense to us, but just who determines what's logical and practical?? 

To a young child who hasn't yet grown the capacity for reasoning and circumspection, mythical characters have a lot of credibility. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny become beloved, gift-supplying characters to one who is very young, but only because continuous, ritualistic reinforcement of their existence by a child's parental units, is administered annually. 

I grew up a Democrat when democracy literally meant everyone was treated equally under the law, and we all had inalienable Constitutional and civil rights. In hindsight and from a broader adult view, I think a lot of us had to reconcile for ourselves, that this perception wasn't as accurate as we'd presumed (and hoped) it was.

This realization felt disheartening to many, when we finally came outta the ether and grew up a bit. I'm guessing our reaction was somewhat like the feelings a young child experiences when he ultimately uncovers the lies his parents have told him for years, about Santa Clause. Welcome to adulthood, but be not dismayed . . . there's no band of young musicians marching alongside your "Coming of Age" parade. 

It seems to me, that today's Democrat is the antithesis of our once-revered and cherished definition of "democracy." Freedom for Me, but not for thee, seems the order of the day under the Biden regime, and how in the world did so many millions of people get from point A to point Z-ero, without putting up one hellova fight?! How did treasonous, overtly heinous political acts by government players slip thru cracks in our awareness, and go unnoticed? Have we become that apathetic a society~ or just incredibly gullible, like a three year-old?

I chalk our current malaise up to group-think, and far too many emotionally undercooked humans believing that Christmas presents left by a benevolent, jolly old man will keep magically appearing under their living-room tree each year. If they just go along to get along and don't call the parents out on their blatant lies, everything will remain 'just fine' indefinitely~ even though the tree gets smaller every year as do the gifts, 'cause Mom and Dad can't fuel the family car and feed 'em, without going into debt. 

We used to call gals who took financial and emotional advantage of men, Gold-Diggers. Now that some of us are smarter and more emotionally educated, we call 'em Borderlines. We used to call Democrats "democratic," and we legitimately thought of them as such . . . but in today's world, doesn't virtually everything boil down to semantics? 

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