This "politically correct" horseshit we keep promoting utterly infuriates me. Blacks have just as many (if not more) derogatory slang terms for whites, as whites have for them!

I was born Jewish. I don't resonate with the traditions, aspects of the religion OR how Jews regard their God as punishing and wrathful, so I abandoned my "heritage" as a teenager. I was even baptized in the Methodist Church at 15~ but that didn't stick either, once I'd escaped from my dad and stepmother's toxic, brainwashing religious grasp.

Jews have been hated and persecuted for hundreds of years. If I'd remained a member of that tribe, I'd have had to ignore the same shit that Jewish people all over the globe have to put up with, in terms of being stereotyped and stigmatized. Even shrinks (psychotherapists) are disrespected and looked upon as being "a little crazy" by thousands of people.

My point is, every single goddamned sect of people attract their share of ridicule! Asians are the brunt of "bad driver" jokes, and because so many have flocked to the US with cameras hanging around their necks, we can't help but associate em with being fanatic picture-takers.

Mexicans are thought of as 'wetbacks' because of their work in fields doing jobs that Caucasians wouldn't take, even if you paid em twice the going rate for that type of occupation! Borderlines have vilified me for writing articles that millions of people worldwide can intimately relate to and be helped by, if they've had the misfortune to attach to someone with BPD traits.

I don't hate people with BPD, but I've been accused of it plenty. Borderlines have whined incessantly about me perpetuating "stigma" against em, but just like any other group of people who inhabit this planet, it is the group itself, that exhibits very typical patterns of behavior which ELICIT these attitudes and character dispersions from the general public. IS IT FAIR?? Fuck NO, it isn't fair! But not ONE of us is completely free from having fun poked at us, at some time or other~ and if ya don't believe me, when was the last time you were the brunt of a "dumb blond" joke, or you told one? Might you remember when ya referred to a small-breasted female as being "flat as a board" ~or a guy as a "pencil dick"?? It's our human prerogative AND nature to make fun of people we perceive to be unlike us! It's not right, nor is it kind~ but we've all at one time or another done it. 

YOU know who you are. Hell, many of us have even poked fun at ourselves, haven't we?? Self-deprecating humor is an exceptionally pleasurable pastime among millions of people all over the world~ and we'd have no comedians, if nobody did it. You may really HATE the notion you have subtle prejudices~ but we all do! Even if you detest people wearing real fur, you're biased and prejudiced. Even if you're vegan, and look down on people who still eat animal flesh protein, you're prejudiced.

How about if we OWN this shit in ourselves, and try to laugh it off as being a "normal" part of human nature, instead of getting our panties in a knot every time somebody makes a remark YOU think "offends" someone or yourself? Children are notorious for being cruel to classmates they perceive are a little different than they. This shit starts pretty early in life. It happens in the ANIMAL kingdom too, ya know. The runt of a litter is picked on and attacked by other members in the pack. REAL life is survival of the fittest~ whether we wanna accept it or not! Can we all take ourselves a little less seriously?? Can't we try just a bit harder to GROW THE FUCK UP?  BAM!!!