I accept you fully, no matter what individual perspectives you align yourself with, and personal choices you make. All I ask is that you keep an open mind, try to see both sides of an issue or argument, and think as rationally and broadly as possible about Big Picture issues that plague our society.

Whatever happened to, "all for one, and one for all?" The current US administration has done NOTHING to unite us, and everything to divide us. It's easy to resent and hate who you're told to, if you are not a free and independent-thinking individual who has even a modicum of adult development under your belt.

Children believe what they're told, without question. Grown ADULTS are skeptical, circumspect, and determined to make up their own mind about issues, based solely on FACTS~ not rhetoric and lies that are propagated to influence your personal, professional or political choices.

I will support and fight for you to the end of time IF you are a balanced, stable, free-thinking, rational and sane person~ but if you show yourself NOT to be these things, I will invalidate you till the cows come home, because you have not earned my affection, trust or respect.

I haven't historically associated with emotionally undercooked, unhinged people~ I've merely helped them heal and grow into responsible, healthy, happy grownups who are CAPABLE of loving and being loved.

What contributions have YOU made, to enhancing society?

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  • “Racial inequality” isn’t the problem in today’s world.