New relationships, whether romantic or platonic, are easily fractured. Ruptures occur when we're feeling a bit insecure of how the other feels about us or our feelings are hurt, but we don't feel comfortable verbalizing it.

We might keep our hurt feelings or insecurities under wraps, because we don't wish to appear vulnerable or 'needy' to someone we're involved with~ but this typically spawns our need to protect the fragile parts of ourselves with sarcasm, instead.

Passive-Agression in relationships of all types, is what destroys even the closest of emotional bonds. Every hurt feeling that's swept under the rug is ignored until our relationship rug gets so lumpy, it's impossible to walk on.

Nearly all relationships suffer cumulative little 'emotional divorces' that eventually lead to dissolution of the original commitment bond. This happens repeatedly to millions of people, worldwide.

Only the healthiest of humans who've done serious inner work to develop a rock-solid sense of Self and the capacity and courage to SAY what they're thinking and feeling, have any chance to build a thriving love affair or enduring friendship.

We're irrationally protective of our vulnerable parts, because we JUDGE them as wrong or bad. We're pretty certain others judge us for 'em, too. So when our vulnerable feelings get triggered, we naturally wanna hide them, at any cost.

What do YOU do, when you're feeling vulnerable with a partner? Do you immediately put your armor on, so you're not further hurt by him or her? Do you go up into your head to analyze them AND the situation, so you can figure out how to TALK TO em about it?

What do you think might happen, if you just said to your partner "what you just did or said, made me feel: Hurt, sad, resentful, angry,

insecure, unloved, etc." ?? In short, what if you shared out loud, your body's EMOTIONS, rather than making your HEAD figure out what to DO about them?

This reflex to ANALYZE your feelings lifelong, rather than feeling them in your body and verbally expressing them, is what's helped create hundreds of tiny emotional divorces within your relationship, and the intimacy chasm between you just continues to widen.

And since we're on the subject, how in the world can you express to another what you're FEELING, if you've been dissociated from 75% of your emotions your entire life? You CAN'T.

How lumpy is YOUR rug getting? If you're not able to connect with a full repertoire of your own emotions, is there any fucking way you can even begin to anticipate that someone ELSE can connect with 'em? And when they can't, are you labeling Them more emotionally impaired than You?

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