I frighten males. I don't mean to~ I do everything possible to make 'em feel welcomed, wanted and comfortable, but they're scared and intimidated, just the same.

A male with insecurities will be flattered by any attention I give 'em, but he won't pursue a dance with me. Through the ages, many men have been afraid of beautiful women. Add a good brain to that, and it's "whoa, I'm not sure I can handle this!"

Women never have to compete with men. We have our own strength and brilliance. Those of us who've come to truly OWN this, are dangerous to the average male. If we weren't, those guys would never even THINK of settling for impaired, personality disordered females.

Water seeks its own level, and like attracts like. You'll never find a truly empowered individual getting involved with someone who is not. Their vibrational frequencies are too dissimilar~ there'd be no chemistry drawing em together, or holding em there.

I felt a mutual spark with someone recently. I was surprised by this, because it's been eons since I've felt even remotely attracted to a man. He actually made the first overture, but despite my invitations to get better acquainted, his non-responsiveness has shown me all I need to know about him.

I've had no agenda and no expectations. I take nothing for granted. The gift in this little spark, is I got reminded of a part of Me I'd long forgotten, or presumed had ceased to exist. Deep down inside me, flickers a little flame. Who the fuck knew?!

Every person who enters your life changes you in some way. Even if you rediscover an aspect you assumed was dormant (or deceased), and they ignite it, you're blessed for having met that person. If they force you to recognize a part of yourself you don't like much, at least you now get to work on accepting, owning and embracing it.

Take nothing for granted. Have no agenda. Go with the flow, and see what wisdom and glory life reveals to you. In short, be in the NOW. It keeps your immediate world a lot more interesting. 🙂

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