I'm in favor of respecting, supporting and protecting the rights of everyone, which includes minority populations, but I also believe in the concept of All for One and One for All.

There must be reciprocation and balance when it comes to giving and getting. In America, we make room for people of every race and color. We respect the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals. They're not hunted down in the streets and murdered, like they are in certain less liberal-minded societies around the globe. Hell, they can get married and adopt children, if that is their wish. The rest of society gives them a wide berth.

Yet, I wonder what goes on in the minds of the more unique few who are given exceptional human rights and liberties. CAN they appreciate the freedoms America has (at least, traditionally) afforded them~ and what contributions (if any) have these folks made to society in return?

Do we ever think about "All for One and One for All" in THIS context? Are these folks making the world a better place for the rest of us~ or do they people presume that what they're receiving from the rest of us, is merely a One-Way street? Do you think a false sense of entitlement might be at play here??

In years past, I'd occasionally receive a voice or email from an irate Borderline calling me heinous names and spewing shaming, diminishing accusations at me for providing highly informative, relatable material about BPD on my website. Their vitriolic comments included calling me "unprofessional" and "stigmatizing."

I'm well aware of how my BPD articles have helped humanity, and even, prevented more than several suicides among men and women who had the misfortune to have given their heart to a diabolically manipulative lover. I'm aware as well, that I give my readers a window into intimately understanding Themselves, in terms of WHY they've persistently chosen to bond with someone who's toxic for them. In short, my articles (IF you take time to actually read them in total) are evenly weighted. I shine a light on both the abuser AND the abused.

To the angry, outraged people who've written or called me, I'd occasionally write 'em back asking what (if any) contribution THEY'D made to society. I never got a reply of course, because the majority of people who wanna denigrate and criticize you, aren't living their lives in meaningful ways~ they're merely looking for someone to blame (or scapegoat, if you will) for their miserable existences~ and ain't that just par for the course, in the wide, whacky world of Borderlines?

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