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*Shari: Iím a board certified psychiatrist with over 20 years in practice. These articles on relationships with borderlines are insightful, but more importantly, searingly clinically accurate. Congratulations on such terrific work. I plan to use these in my work with patients!

*Ms. Schreiber, I just wanted to say thank you - I have been struggling for the last 2 years in a relationship with a female I suspected to have BPD. I have agonized of trying to make sense over what has happened and despite countless hours researching, it was not until I stumbled across your website that I feel I had a real epiphany and some humbling introspection. I really identified with the content in the articles and the description of a people pleaser reflected a large portion of my life that I was previous unaware of. I still have much healing to do but I think now I will finally start to move in a direction to do so. Thank you for posting the resources you have - I feel they will have a very positive influence in my life going forward.

*Hi Shari, I wanted to express by gratitude for the resources you have posted online. I have been struggling with the recent demise of a relationship with a classic, textbook borderline. It shook me to the core, and I didn't know where to turn for answers. Your articles have had a profound impact on my healing. They spoke to me on so many levels, I feel like they were written for me. Thank you so much for making these articles available.

*I want to thank you Shari, for saving my life. Everything makes sense now, and I'm well on my way to true empowerment and self-respect, thanks to you. This work I've done with you is life-changing on so many levels, and I'm no longer fearing and running from my feelings. Overcoming my addictions was something I could never before have imagined. You're a miracle worker.

*All I wanted to say was THANK YOU. I have been reading the same generic material for months now. I knew in my gut that my EX had BPD but there were certain things that I would read over and over that made me believe that I may have been wrong--until I came across your articles that almost blew me off the couch with how accurate and precise you were. I'm going to assume (by something you stated at the end of an article) that there are some people that may feel you're too blunt in your articles. I believe it's what separates you from ANYONE online explaining BPD. The scenarios and examples you give are simply AMAZING. You explain this to a novice on such a simple, yet genius level that I felt as if you were speaking directly to me. I have read almost everything you have on your website. You have explained so much that I'd basically always known but couldn't completely understand, and hadn't the knowledge to fully express. I will end this ramble by letting you know that for me and I'm sure so many others, you have accomplished your goal of what you created this site for; educating people and helping them to heal... thank you again.

*Just found your site. I am a therapist on an inpatient unit. Your information is fantastic! I can't wait to read more. Thank you for all of your hard work!

*Hi Shari, I've said it more than once but I just wanted to let you know that after months of recovering from my borderline and learning about myself through books and articles (many of them yours) I still from time to time break down and have a good cry. They are sparsely populated anymore these days, but today was a down day. Your site is one of the greatest empowering tools I have. I have just read obsessed and it was amazing. Thank you, I am pretty sure I love you.

*Hi Shari, I landed on your web just 3 days ago, and thank you for your help. I am still struggling to get over the pain of a relationship with a male borderline and to heal myself of so much feeling of guilt and remorse for being the "unique" cause of this disaster. The relationship lasted one year, the rupture was in November 2009, and I'm still going over and over it (while he continues screwing up new relationships, I've been told) this is crazy! All you write on codependence and needing to be needed concern me a lot. Now, after much suffering, I know I hooked up with this man because both of us have the same emotional pain from childhood--the difference is, how we show it. In both cases, our mothers are emotionally unbalanced women. I felt panic to express my own feelings and dislikes to him, and upset him--exactly like I learned to do with my mother! Now that I see the root, I need to do something practical with it. Your web site is a great help for this, and I want to thank you very much for it!

*You have great understanding and insight on the issues you write about. I have discovered your website today and I have not stopped reading for 7 hours! Been in a devastating relationship (with I am sure now, is BPD) for 2 years, I just could not stop feeding my hunger for explanations and proof--which even my therapist failed to convince me 100%, that I'm not crazy. But you did more then that. I would like to point out that your writing about Fast-Forwarding and Scanning impulses in Anxiety brought me a long awaited 'Ahah' moment, and finally (after reading dozens and dozens of books) I think I'm starting to understand myself. Article about addiction is just great--I will reread it numerous times more, because it's so motivating and eye opening. You write in such understandable ways about very complicated, deep issues. Thank you!

*Keep taking a stand and helping people who have been mixed up with borderlines. A truck hit me. I am 1 year living apart and not engaging with my soon to be ex-wife. I thought I would die. I am still picking up the pieces. Your articles have helped me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. You showed me exactly what was going on and you pointed towards me as well - to heal the part of myself that was tolerating such non-love. You have helped me out of the thickness of chaotic, toxic confusion that was killing me, and probably shortened my life a bit. I am broken, but I am healing. And I thank you.

*Dear Dr. Schreiber, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing your articles on BPD. I was enmeshed with a borderline female for the last 8 months, and I think she's left me for good this time. Several months into the relationship I was cut off from contact which left me in unbearable pain. I told my dad who is a psychiatrist about this, and he said that she sounded like a borderline. Through searching information on BPD, I found your articles, which were the only ones that told me anything helpful to my situation. Like you have said, despite borderlines' lack of empathy, I cared for her so much, but this taught me that I am a caregiver, which I didn't really know before. I think I owe any sanity I have left to your articles, especially the one with 'pony' in the title as it described all the behaviors that happened to me exactly! Thanks again.

*As an experienced psychologist, I thought I knew how to have a healthy relationship, and what to avoid in a partner. Your Borderline Male article has abruptly awakened me to why I've felt so awful in my recent relationship, and why I'm in such pain right now. I grew up needing to be needed of course, and your article on that has opened my eyes. I'll be calling you!

*I'm just a guy who's writing to thank you for the work you're doing, and have done with me. I'm a changed fellow because of you. It's like I came to you a little boy--and left a man. I have no idea how you do what you do, or where you learned to do it--but it's worked for me, like no other help I've ever tried. When I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I've spent on "therapy" over the past few decades, I want to vomit. The past few months with you have been truly life altering--and I thank you, with all my heart.

*Shari, You haven't just helped me move past my destructive (almost killed me) relationship with a Borderline, you've helped me find happiness that I never even knew existed. It's a whole new world for me now, thanks to you. I honestly can't thank you enough. God bless.

*I found you by accident. Thank the universe I did. I've been in a relationship with a BPD male for 7 mos. I couldn't understand, was confused, and thought myself crazy. Until I read your article, I had no idea. Thank you for feeding it so straight. I can let go now & the sooner the better, apparently. A million Thanks--you saved my sanity.

*Dear Shari, thank you for saving my life. This work with you was hard at times, but the payoffs have been life-altering! I used to see myself as ugly, unlovable and unworthy of affection and love. I kept choosing narcissistic and borderline disordered guys to fill an empty dark hole inside me, and couldn't tolerate being without someone--or alone with me. All that (and so much more) has changed since meeting you. I'd done plenty of 'therapy' in the past--decades of it in fact, and would never have believed I could relate to/view myself so differently--and that's not just about all the body weight I've lost during this process, it's about emotional weight that's held me back. Thank God I found you when I did. I'm stronger inside now, and my core issues aren't running (and ruining) my life anymore. You are indeed a treasure, and gifted healer. Thank you for helping me find my Self. Joy and contentment are now my best, and most frequent companions.

*Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I am a borderline, and I found your articles to be exactly right. I even sent them to my parents and psychiatrist to let them have more insight on what I'm dealing with. Thank you for your wonderful explanations!

*Dear Ms. Schreiber: I recently read several of your (borderline) articles on I wanted to personally thank you for making them publicly available on your website. I am in the process of getting over a breakup with a woman who probably suffers from BPD. Your articles have been more helpful to me in coming to terms with this lousy/hollow/empty dating experience and (hopefully) moving on, than anything else I've found in peer reviewed journals or the advice that my friends and family have given me about it. I'm extremely grateful to have found your writings on the web when I did. Once again, thank you!

*I'm so terribly wounded after suffering a complete abandonment by a BPD man after one year of chaos and abuse. While rationally I am relieved that I don't have to spend the rest of my life in a state of helplessness, I have never faced such an ocean of pain and confusion in my life. It hurts beyond imagination. I happen to be a psychologist myself, and two days ago I had a light bulb go off when I realized I'd been captured by a borderline--the past year flashed before my eyes. I want to deeply thank you for writing for us survivors. So much of the stuff I have been reading simply focuses on the borderline, which only adds to the invalidation. But you give voice to our pain and to the destruction in the aftermath. You provide validation for the gut feeling that has been shouting for so long, telling us that maybe were not crazy after all. You give us some closure, where closure would otherwise not be available at all. The relief in reading your articles is minor, but it is SO important--the very first step in a long journey of healing that lies ahead.

*Dear Shari: I want to personally thank you for the articles you have written regarding BPD. I recently had a break up with a BPD and couldn't figure out (WTF) was going on. YOU have written the most informative, insightful and helpful articles I have found on the internet. Thanks to you, I now "get it" and can move on to healthier choices. Thank you sooo much!

*Shari, wanted to say that never have I read such candid, common sense info. In one read, I am able to finally let go of my confusing, borderline boyfriend. I knew he was not right, but just needed someone else to affirm what I already thought!

*Shari, I just broke up again with my BDP/Bulimic/OCD girl friend. This site has helped me make sense of the madness, and saved me. I thought I found my soul mate, but found a broken, abused, manipulative woman. You know I could go on and on, but thank God I got out. "Clearing the Fallout from a Borderline Break-up" helped me get my mind straight. Who knew love would be like this? (LOL) Thank you so much for your website--you saved a father of four from disaster.

*Shari, words cannot adequately express how thankful I am for the articles on BPD you wrote. Wow! They were extremely eye-opening, enlightening, and refreshing. You have no idea how much I needed something to grasp onto in order to help me understand all that I've been through with my ex-boyfriend the past 3 years. I left feeling like I have nothing to offer anyone, feeling like I must be the only person who sees how disingenuous he could be because he has so many woman "friends", like maybe he is the best I will ever have and I was foolish to throw it all away. I am slowly healing now, with the support of friends, therapy, and articles like yours. I will continue to look in your forums and read all the other articles you have posted about BPD. I am learning to make sense of all that's happened and the ensuing chaos in my life the past three years. My stomach was in constant turmoil. I still have nightmares, flashbacks, and a "swollen" stomach where all my stress goes. I wound up leaving my boyfriend (took me two times) and there is no way I would ever go back. I gave it all I had, and I left feeling emotionally depleted and beaten down. I am on the road to healing, and your articles are certainly helping me to get there. Thanks again for sharing your story, your courage and your incredible insights.

*Ms. Schreiber, I have had 3 borderlines in a row--even met one online, and went across the country to live and to be married, this past year. That did not work, all of a sudden he ran back home to the wife he was suppose to have been divorced from. He fits the borderline description to a "T". A male friend told me of your site, and the definition of 'borderline'. Wow, I think this will change my life forever; I just have to find my way home from this nightmare. Thank you!

*Hi, I am in the middle of reading your article, THE MALE BORDERLINE; Surviving the Crash after your Crush. It is the best and most accurate portrayal of a male borderline I've ever read. I just got out of a 1 1/2 year relationship with a 'Superman' Borderline. While reading the article I must have said, Oh my God, 20 times--and I'm not even completely finished. Great work. Thanks so much. Reading this article is really helping me.

*Dear Shari, I just want to thank you for the information and advice you give on your website about coping with BPD partners - and not least, with the feelings when the relationship is over. I have read thousands of pages on BPD since we found out that my ex-girlfriend had it, but none that make as much sense as yours. Thank you very much for helping me understand better.

*Hi Dr. Schreiber, I was sitting in my room tonight thinking as I often do, and trying to figure out why I always feel this sort of emptiness and unhappiness--when I decided to browse the Internet and came across your article "Do You Love to be Needed, or Need to be Loved?" I just wanted to tell you that your article explained and described feelings that I've been trying to put into words for years, and that just reading it alone has comforted me greatly, and given me some insight into what I can do towards resolving my issues. I would like to give you my deepest thanks for writing and posting this article and tell you that you rock.

*Shari, I truly believe you have saved my sanity. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for your website. In three days time, you have explained to me the dynamics of what I've been hopelessly discussing with a denying, projecting, narcissistic Ph.D therapist in a DBT practice. I was told by this clinician, that "if I couldn't work with my BPD partner and successfully integrate the DBT theories, that I had no chance of success in life with anyone." I now know I've been manipulated by both this therapist--and the lying BPD partner. After reading your articles, I understand that Borderlines can fool professionals and I shouldn't take it personally. I feel a huge sense of relief and validation. Finally, someone understands. I must give myself permission to work on healing my core issues, rather than trying to adapt to the Borderline's craziness under the guise of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

*Dear Ms. Schreiber, thank you so very much for your helpful and healing website. I've found your articles on BPD to be very useful. Your no-nonsense plain-language manner is very comfortable and your insight is priceless. Your article "AT ANY COST" was literally a lifesaver for me. While I still have a long way to go in recovering from my 4-year hostage situation (Oops! I meant relationship) I believe that I will make it. In the immediate aftermath of the breakup, your article was my "voice of reason and sanity" and was my first sign of hope that I was NOT insane, and that I was not alone. Thank you so very much for making so much good information available at no cost to the reader. Your articles, and therefore you, are priceless!

*Hi, Shari. I came across your site while searching "Conversations with a Borderline." I am recently separated, and moving to divorce from my Borderline wife of 21 years. I thought I knew everything, because I could recite "Stop Walking on Eggshells" backwards and forwards. Then I came across your articles, especially the ones relating to the end of the borderline relationship. They were so helpful, so on the mark, that they literally blew me away. Thanks for sharing these articles.

*Hi Shari. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put all this material online. It's really a great collection of work and has personally helped me a great deal. I'm a NPD (prob) and my ex-girlfriend has been diagnosed as a BPD. We tried everything and now I want resolution because I am meeting new people, but feeling a bit mind-screwed. Your article "Haven't we met before?" has helped me a lot and I've contacted my ex and shared the article. Although I do not expect her to accept anything all the way, she has begun acknowledging our dynamic and the stuff she used to do to me. Life goes on, today I started a list of all the things I hate about her to help me get over this last hump. Thanks again.

*Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I have searched all over for answers, and your information on male borderline personality is invaluable. You may have very well saved my life. The information that you shared was extremely insightful, and now I must find the strength and courage to move on. Thanks sooo much!!!!

*Shari, your article on recovering from a borderline relationship was amazing. Though I'm a physician and KNEW she was bpd, I still got sucked in. Caring physician + low self-esteem = BPD magnet!! Thanks so much for helping me recover! Sincerely, Getting my life back in Texas

*Dear Ms. Schreiber; Your website is the best I've seen about Borderline relationships. It is more insightful than Gunderson's book or any of the other books I've read the last couple years. You are absolutely correct--and the only person who was able to explain the constant lies. I thought I was going nuts! My girlfriend broke up with me 5 years ago, but still calls every six months to get me involved in love triangles with her new boyfriends. I just figured out that's what she's been doing. Thanks to you, I have told her never to contact me--and per your instructions, I will not answer her calls. I would only lose if I did. Also, thank you for making me aware of the issues from my childhood codependence that made her seduction possible. I wish I had seen your site before my divorce. Don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong. You are uncanny!

*Hi Shari, we connected a while ago as I was involved with a borderline woman and I believe you added me to the list of letters you've received. Well, I've finally distanced her from my life, and though it's been hard because of the young son involved, I also know it's for the best. You've mentioned how so many seem to gravitate towards the 'helping' professions and you're dead on, in that regard. Mine was a self-professed spiritual teacher. Lord knows what that means, but in any regard she was great at the talk, but seldom the walk. During one of our last contacts, she stated she had been willing to give up sex in order to remain together, and I'm still trying to make sense of that one! Talk about control issues--how noble of her (lol). I've dedicated the past 4 years to this woman's ups and downs and finally seem to have found the will to end it, and realize the good things that can come from that. I've exhausted my energy and patience, but my son will be better off for it. These people are truly 'out there' and the hurt and damage they can do, ought not be underestimated. You're doing great work, and thanks once again.

*Dear Shari, I want to thank you very much writing the articles on BPD. I bookmarked them and reread them often, whenever I start questioning the break up. These articles could have been written just for her. Instead of being jealous of the guy she's with now, I feel pity for him as I know from my own experience, he will eventually have his heart and soul ripped out of him. With everyday I'm feeling more healed, and for that I thank you so much.

*Shari, I cannot thank you enough for your article on antidepressants. I'd been struggling to get through my days on an SSRI, and feeling listless, drowsy and unmotivated--yet wide awake at night! I asked my doctor if I could switch the time I took it (thanks to your article), and she agreed. I'm feeling so much better now, and I owe it all to you. Thank you for all this insightful material--you and your site are such a blessing!

*Shari, over the years you've seen me for chiropractic care, I always enjoyed your company and our conversations. One day you'd made a casual remark about something I said, and it really bothered me and stuck. I thought about what you'd said for days afterward, and I knew from a deep part of my being that I couldn't shrug this one off, so I made an appointment to come see you. I'd never been to counseling, coaching or therapy before--and as the appointment neared, I almost convinced myself that this was for 'messed up' people, and I wasn't one of them. I almost canceled that appointment! By our second session, I realized I could benefit from your assistance, and made a commitment to the work. You are a natural healer. This is obviously your purpose in life, and you have the gift to cut right to the core of issues, with keen insight and respect. The comment you'd made that got all this started, was that I seemed stuck in survival mode--which precluded me from being able to thrive. By the time we hit our 10th session, I had dissolved my failing business partnership and opened my own office (after 11 years in practice), in a grand manner that far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't have done this, without your bringing to light the hidden thought patterns that have held me back since adolescence--and prevented me from living my life in full. You are a bringer of light, and I recommend you to others with all my heart. Thank you, Shari! John E. Min, D.C. Los Angeles, CA

*I read the article, "At Any Cost" on your website. I wanted to say thank you. I was really feeling alone and pathetic after I ended my relationship after many years with a borderline woman. Your article was illuminating beyond words and made me realize that I am not alone. With sincere gratitude, thank you so much.

*Shari, I can't thank you enough, for helping me figure out that this terrible itching problem I've had for years, is related to a soy allergy! I've given away or discarded every product in my kitchen that contains anything made with soy, and the tormenting hives have finally disappeared. I'm now checking labels on everything I buy (which is a pain in the ass), and I miss my fish marinades and lunchtime sushi, but it's a small price to pay for being free of this discomfort. In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined that you could help me with this issue, as well. Many thanks, and God bless.

*Dear Ms Schreiber, I'd like to confess to you, that in the most difficult time of my life, your article "Do you love to be needed, or need to be loved?" that I happened to read today, helped me recognize patterns of my behavior. To be exact, it was a perfect description of my personality, and deeply affected me--constituting (I hope) one solid step for me to make a new start in life, for which I'll try to be optimistic. I owe you a big thanks. God bless you.

*Dear Shari, thank you so much for creating this website for people. I am almost 19 years old, and have been diagnosed with ADD for about 9 years. Tonight, I was feeling upset and depressed over a recent argument with my mother, so I decided to search ADD to see if maybe there was something wrong with me. I saw your page and clicked on it. I read your article from top to bottom. You were so accurate in your descriptions, it felt like you were describing me! You helped me figure out things in my life that I never knew were related to ADD--I'd figured I was just like that. I have been having a hard time lately coping with everything going on in my life, and your article has given me hope. I almost started crying while I was reading it. I'm tearing up now! I cannot express how grateful I am. For once in my life, I feel like everything's going to be okay. I have never felt that before. I have always felt like I was crippled because I have ADD, and now I feel like I don't have to be. You are a blessing. Thanks ever so much, and God Bless.

*Hi Shari, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I just recently got out of a really bad relationship, and after hours of research, online articles, chats and inquires--I can say my ex most certainly displays almost every trait of BPD. She also has an eating disorder. Your page helped me so much. Thank you!

*I have become an aficionado of BPD sites, having just ended 3 years of hell with an extremely high functioning BPD woman who persuaded me to marry her in the middle of it all. Which I did, thinking it would help (I was recently widowed after a very happy 36 year marriage and still in grief, when I met her). Yours is by far, the best of these sites that I have come across, and I just wanted to send you a word of appreciation--it's the most pointed and deep. Thanks so much, and best wishes.

*I genuinely believe that you saved my life today. I read your website and was shocked and stunned by the similarities. My ex-girlfriend was diagnosed as borderline about a year ago, but it seemed such a minor thing that I never bothered to research it. Oh what a fool I was! About three months ago she suddenly dumped me, causing me massive personal pain, emotional torment and no understanding of what had just happened. She completely blamed me for the break-up saying that she didn't love me anymore and it wasn't anything I had done, simply that she couldn't see me as someone she loved. Two days before that, she had professed undying love (we'd been engaged about 4 months before that). It's left me reeling--and having recently lost my job, I'm also broke. She'd taken away my entire support network by giving me such an intensity of love (infatuation?) that I felt I no longer needed them emotionally. Suddenly she left me with no one, and I was feeling destroyed--I couldn't even move out. A few weeks ago the violence started; she attacked me with a 15 inch kitchen knife one night, after a trivial argument. A few days later she bit me, drawing blood. I had so little self-esteem that I thought I *deserved* it, feeling I'd caused her aggression in the first place. Reading your article completely opened my eyes. I registered with a supportive BPD forum, where they really helped me understand the dangers. I'd been feeling at great personal risk anyway, but I didn't know what to do. Having now sought legal advice, I am filing an injunction against her, and when she receives it she will almost certainly kick me out of the flat--it's in her name of course. She insisted I move in with her very early on in the relationship--all the more control, under the guise that I'd get away from a terribly expensive flat of my own, and we'd pool our resources. The local authorities will re-house me at their expense, because I'm "fleeing domestic violence." I've got a long road ahead, but can see myself in a few months, wishing she was still around. One of the most beautiful girls I have ever met in my life, so young, so loving, so adoring. It was all a lie, and it's going to take me time to recover, but with resources like yours, I'm sure I'll eventually make it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

*After a whole day and night struggling to get something important done for work, I Google for something like 'add disorder crazy' and well, I read your article and just can't resist saying thank you! I'm 27, and found out about ADD a few months back, as a final answer to years of not knowing what was wrong--just thinking that I was missing something in my brain. Now, to actually take some steps to try and make my life better, knowing what I know... wish me luck. Thanks a lot, Shari.

*I just wanted to thank you for your website. The answers to why my Partner is . . . and some of the answers why I am. I don't know where to go from here, but I know so much more today, than at any one time in my life. How to change me? I'm not sure--but gonna work on it. How to hope my partner can change before our Love is lost, can't answer. I can say I'm not giving up yet. Your writings added fuel to my fire, and the desire for change. Thanks

*"Ahah! experience." I have finally 'got it.' After reading your wonderful writings, I feel empowered and able to move on from my relationship issues. Everything is in there, that I 'needed' to know, and now I can easily and happily progress. Thank you.

*Thank you for the information about borderline "Waifs." Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information about this aspect of Borderline Personality. I think that the "Waif" really is a syndrome deserving of its own descriptive category. It seems people with this condition are not diagnosed by physicians, or even psychiatrists! Waifs are so pitiful. You just can't help feeling sorry for them.

*Thank you! I am an MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist), and most of my clientele are BPD/NPD males. I have found your articles to be helpful to their spouses/partners and simply have told them to change the gender in these pieces. Since most of my clients are high-functioning Borderlines, their issues come to the table first, in the form of sex addiction or commitment phobia/avoidant behaviors.

*I discovered you by searching on Google for more up to date Alice Miller material. I lost track of the actual Google search, but my first exposure to you was, "Do you love to be needed, or need to be loved?" That article and others, are well written and effective. I say this after reviewing Alice Miller's books this past week. I believe you incorporate her insight into your perspective and make it more clear for a current American audience. That's what first hit me. I hope you are inspired to write a book, or have already started. I was moved enough to write you.

*Thanks Shari, keep up the good work. Finding your website and working my way around some of your stories and research has really helped me out. I'm quite sure it has helped me through some major heartache--and the thought of continuing to pursue a Borderline, now has me sick to my stomach. I am moving on, and will definitely use your information when I get into my next relationship. I really was able to (mentally) replay my time spent with her, and how I ignored or "slept through" all the signs. Thanks again. You're my hero!

*I have been thinking about writing this letter for many months now. I was involved with a female who abruptly left the relationship--someone I was involved with for many years. The trauma of this left me seriously ill. Up to this point in my life, I'd always enjoyed forty-eight years of very good health, save for liver disease--the cause of which was never determined. I had a spontaneous remission (liver enzymes all went back to normal). I only noticed that I was tired from it, and this went away--still, it never really slowed me down. This illness however, left me dead in my tracks, to where I couldn't practice. During this sick time, I came across your article, AT ANY COST. I should've realized this person I was involved with, was very clearly exhibiting these (BPD) traits. I believe that at the time I read your article, not only did it lead to my recovery--but that it actually saved my life. In the midst of this illness--and being a healthcare professional myself, it didn't seem logical to me, that merely reading something posted on the Internet could have this effect. At that point, I wasn't sure this was a reasonable conclusion. In some way, my logical professional mind still wants to doubt this fact--however, I cannot. In retrospect, I recognize that your article did indeed, save my life. I now accept this as fact--and that's why I'm writing to thank you for your efforts. After saving a few lives myself, Thank You for saving mine.


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