Robots are feeling-less machines. They are never 'triggered,' they don't get their feelings hurt, they don't feel or react to setbacks or disappointment, they never get angry, sad or frustrated.

Robots cannot give nor receive love. Love is a human emotion, as is compassion. Bliss and joy are also human emotions. Robots feel none of these things.

You can't amputate the dark, difficult or uncomfortable feelings out of your emotional repertoire, and ever hope to be a whole, well-integrated, self-actualized human who's CAPABLE of being responsive to others.

The reason?? You're unable/unwilling to be responsive to your OWN feelings and needs. Incidentally, robots can't mate with humans, and vice-versa. They are two distinctly different species.

If YOU are emotionally robotic, because going thru life NOT allowing yourself to experience emotional pain works for ya, then by all means, keep doing what you've BEEN doing! But if you want to experience love, joy, success, bliss and contentment, you're gonna have to risk allowing yourself to be Human, for better or worse.

Why do you think marriage vows include this phrase? When we marry, we're generally in love. We can't imagine ever forsaking or abandoning our spouse when we're at the altar, so we pledge our devotion and love "for better or worse, in sickness and in health."

Wouldn't it be marvelous, if we could make up our minds to give that unconditional acceptance and love to Ourselves? I've marveled for decades, how extraordinarily difficult this is for most people. Too many think, "if there's nobody around to love me, I must surely be unlovable."

Isn't this the same stupid principle as, if a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to HEAR it, does it make a sound? If you can work toward total self-acceptance and grow respect and appreciation for yourself, you'll find the deep craving you carry inside to be validated by another, ceases to determine your happiness, or lack thereof.

And think about if the tables were turned~ if someone you're seeing required constant validation and confirmation from YOU that they were good enough, pretty or handsome enough and lovable, wouldn't that soon become tedious and tiring for ya??

You can never fully believe or trust someone who puts you up on a pedestal, because your momma taught you from the time you came out of her womb, you weren't worthy of receiving or retaining someone's love . . . and won't you feel compelled to keep 'testing' their devotion to you, if you're not absolutely certain you deserve it?

Of course you will~ and this right here, is the Borderline's crucible.

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