I like watching The L Word, Generation Q because it's so rife with BPD females, there's constant confirmation of my writings. One of the issues that stands out most among these very beautiful, highly watchable femmes, is they always seem to WANT you, only when they can't HAVE you.

The come-here/go-away hijinks are SO pronounced in this series, it's practically a BPD education in itself. So desperate for validation and attention are these females, one even considers pitching for the other side ("Alice") to help lick her wounds in the aftermath of a "committed" relationship breakup, where her (former) GF announces she's polyamorous and needs to be with auxiliary lovers to be happy, MANY months into their relationship! (Like, why not have a modicum of decency and strength of character to inform someone of this lifestyle choice BEFORE they emotionally invest in you?!)

Anyhow, this show is visually stunning, because who doesn't wanna watch gorgeous women making love to each other for an hour? I think it's even popular among straight guys who get off on the titillation (you should pardon the expression).

After all this time though, I DO wish "Shane" (of Ray Donovan fame) would experiment with a haircut that didn't make her look 'quite' so intentionally dreadful. What was once trendy and chic, becomes boring and old after so many seasons.

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