In the grand scheme of life, I think women objectify men at least as much if not MORE, than men objectify women. I shall explain.

So many females (particularly if they have BPD traits) expect their lovers or husbands to wanna fuck them. These gals seem to ASSUME men want to have sex, no matter HOW badly they're treated outside the bedroom. This is OBJECTIFICATION.

I say this, because no consideration or concern is given to the male and his needs and feelings. He's simply expected to perform! What if he's not in the mood to make love? What if he's tired and only wants to sleep? What if he doesn't feel emotionally SAFE in the relationship, because his woman is sarcastically breaking his balls every chance she gets?

Ladies, would YOU wanna have intimate relations with a man who criticises you, berates you, is passive-aggressive with you? Could YOU feel secure, loving and excited with someone who puts you down, but still wants to fuck you when it suits HIM??

If you don't create a loving space for your man to feel emotionally safe in, he WON'T wanna get naked with you. In fact, his instinctual Self will avoid being the least bit vulnerable around you, whether he is fully clothed or not.

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