If you like and feel good about yourself, you don't have to boast or brag. You aren't compelled to seek acceptance or approval from others.

If I KNOW I'm beautiful and/or bright, I feel no pressing need to rub your nose in it, shove it down your throat, or continually seek your validation or confirmation to affirm what I already carry as my truth about me.

All humans have an inalienable right to live peacefully and happily, which our Constitution upholds. Do we have to favor one group above another? Will this soon become a world where Jews, Catholics, Islamic and Asian people are fighting for special sanctions and recognition? What would that BE like for the rest of the populace?

What if Jews for instance, decided to wage a universal uprising, and destroy public property that didn't seem to fit their personal value system? What if they asked government to alter its language to protect the sanctity of all Jewish born citizens?

ANY time you give preferential treatment to one group, you must give it to ALL groups. This principle is innate to any true political system~ yet HAVE branches of government actually thought that far ahead? Are politicians who are making up our laws circumspect enough to think in abstracts~ meaning, when we make allowances for THIS or THAT group of people, we must make allowances for ALL groups!? 

What's next? Are we to give respect and equal freedoms to people who engage in satanic worship and sacrifice animals in their religious rituals? Are Satanists and folks who practice witchcraft equal under the law, no matter their behaviors or beliefs?

How about pedophiles? Are we going to support the molestation and rape of children, because we don't wish to be inhumane or exclusionary to this group of humans?

Can you start to see where all this shit is leading??

I think not~ because if you did, there would no longer be any peace or tranquility on this planet of ours. Virtually EVERYBODY would protest over being the target of "bias," and not getting a fair shake. 

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