One of the STUPIDEST things males do that turns off females is, they ask you if you're married, immediately upon meeting ya. This occurred last night, as I was walking my dog.

A man I've seen once or twice in my hood laid this on me. My response to him was, "why do you think that's important for you to know?" as I'd already assessed him as being a moron.

His reply was, "I just don't wanna step on anyone's toes." How about MY toes, I silently thought as I abruptly walked away from this dude. What an idiot!

It never occurs to these boys in men's clothing that you have ZERO interest in 'em (ah, the ego of some fellas) and even if you're NOT attached, they'd have less-than a snowball's chance in Hell, you'd even consider a coffee date with 'em!

Ya gotta love and laugh at the insanity of people who lead with that question, don't ya?? Oh well, good Facebook fodder~ and just another day in Paradise, folks.

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